Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our Leaky Water Heater + Delta Water Leak Detector

A few months ago, I was walking in the basement and found water on the floor - I called for David and sure enough, our water heater was leaking! We had just gone through an extensive process of replacing our geothermal heating/cooling unit - David with the help of his Dad, researched, sourced and installed everything themselves, it took several months! We basically replaced everything in the mechanical room EXCEPT the water heater, so I guess it was it's time #ofcourse

I'm so glad that we were home, it could have been a BIG mess! It was a slow drip, but if we were gone for a weekend, it could have done some serious damage.

About a week after the incident, Delta reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to review one of their leak detectors and I said YES! #timing

I typically don't share too many things here without "pretty" pictures, but this is definitely something that I would want to know about, so I think you would too!

It's super simple - I removed the back off of the device, inserted the batteries (it does come with batteries inside the box) and placed the cover back on.

Next, I downloaded the app onto my phone and followed the instructions. It takes a few minutes to pair to the device. Then, you select how you'd like to receive notifications - options including, banner alerts on your phone, text, and email. 

After it was connected to my phone, I tested it by dripping a little water.

It started beeping, turned blue, and notified my phone!

The app also records the temperature (you can sign up for temperature alerts too) Our baby monitor has the temperature on it as well and I find that so helpful - to see if John is too hot or cold. So, that could be another good use for it!

The box says that batteries last up to 2 years and the app shows how much battery life is left.

We haven't had another leak, but so far, we are very pleased with it!

Want to win your own Delta Leak Detector? Each week, throughout November, Delta will be giving away 4! To enter, post a photo or video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #LeakDetectSweepstakes and tag @DeltaFaucet 

Thanks to Delta for providing the leak detector to review, as always, I only share products and companies that I've had a good experience with! #DeltaLeakDetect


  1. Oh many I could use one of those. Our sump pump sometimes stops working. This would be so wonderful

    1. I know! Nothing worse than water everywhere!!


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