Monday, May 15, 2017

Sofa Buy New or Reupholster?

Hey! I wanted to get your thoughts on reupholstering our existing sofa or buying new..

Here's what it looked like when we moved in. You can see that the sofa fits perfectly between the floor to ceiling windows (on both sides)

The height of the sofa aligns with the window sill - the puppies love laying there!

The sofa is actually from my grandparent's - my mom just told me over the weekend that it's been reupholstered once (it used to be gold!) I would love to see photos of that!

If we get it reupholstered it will it will be $680 for labor and foam plus fabric.

The sofa is constructed well, but it isn't a Baker or anything like that ..

I'm leaning towards getting it reupholstered because it fits so well in the space and I like the style - we don't have a lot of clearance on the left side (the only walkway upstairs) and most new sofas are deeper and shorter.

What do you think? Should I go new or get it reupholstered? If I do get it reupholstered, I'm planning a similar color, but in more of a textural linen/blend. Also, there are so many windows here - I need something that will hold up in the sun too!

Why am I talking about my sofa now? We're moving all our furniture so that we can get our floors refinished! We're running the hardwood into the kitchen and hiring out the sanding / finishing. We would love to do it ourselves (like we did upstairs), but since this is a larger area, and we don't be able to live in the house during the sanding/finishing/curing - we want to get it done as quickly as possible!

Let me know your thoughts on the sofa - buy new or reupholster!?


  1. DEFINITELY reupholster. You like the sofa, the style, the scale. It has obviously held up well. Maybe it has some sentimental value too? Plus, you will never find anything new close to that quality for the amount you will spend on getting this one reupholstered. No brainer.

  2. Reupholster! You can find exactly the right fabric for you, plus it's better for the environment to reuse rather than buy new :) It looks like a perfect fit in your space!

  3. It's a gorgeous sofa, and pretty much perfect for your room. And if you reupholster it, you'll get exactly what you're after fabric-wise. Do it!

  4. it looks to be a great piece and perfect for the space so if it's feasible, reupholster!

  5. Since you can pick the perfect fabric, reupholster. I don't know how many time I found a piece of furniture I liked but not the fabric. So I didn't buy.

  6. definitely reupholster. You're not gonna be happy with anything else especially that you love your sofa. it's perfect for that space!

  7. I love the sofa and since it fits so well, I'd say reupholster it too.

  8. I'm with Molly! AND all the other gals. :) Reupholster for sure. It's a lovely timeless piece.

  9. Can you share the company that you're using for reupholstery? That's a great price!

  10. I vote for reupholstering. It's a great shape, looks current and fits your space perfectly. Hope to see it soon!


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I love hearing what you think! :)

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