Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Complete Eames Lounge Chair!

You guys!! We finally finished our Eames Lounge Chair! A while ago (a year or so ago?) we purchased the chair - found on Craigslist. It is authentic! I know that isn't important to everyone, but finding one (well, all the pieces) was a fun challenge (and required patience!)

We decided to piece the ottoman together. David lets me do pretty much anything to the house, but he is definitely a fan on MCM pieces - especially the Eames Lounge - so piecing it together was his project. He found all the pieces on eBay - first the cherry ottoman shell. And the rest took a little longer .. he then found a complete ottoman with a rosewood shell, orange cushion. We bought solely for the base and decided to sell the rosewood shell and orange cushion (by the way - those are still available, if you'd like to purchase, let me know!)

Here's a picture of the orange cushion. Good vintage condition - I've never see another one like it ..

Lastly, we bought a used black cushion. To get a better price, we purchased one that was worn and a little cracked.

We simply used black shoe polish and then once dry mink oil. It looks almost as good as new! I'm not sure what the correct way to refinish the leather is, but this worked for us!

All in all we spent $700 on the chair and the ottoman came to $445 - I know that is still expensive, but for us, having a few investment pieces, balanced by vintage, DIY and cheaper items is what works for us. These chairs start at 4,000+ new and sell for a lot used, so we made out pretty good!


  1. It looks great! A really great inexpensive product we used to make our leather sofa look brand-new is called Rub-n-Restore. It's amazing! Only took an hour to apply, and it was dry in 15 minutes. It has lasted a year...time to reapply, but that's pretty good!

  2. I love Eames Lounge chairs and yours is definitely a great price and look even if it wasn't totally cheap. Love it


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