Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nursery Plans

Thanks for your kind words on Monday's post! Today, I'm sharing my initial design thoughts for the area outside of our bedroom - since we don't have two bedrooms on the 2nd level - we'll probably use the loft area and our bedroom at first and use a bedroom downstairs during the day - so we'll be creating two spaces (at least that's the plan!)

crib 1+2 | hamper | rug | sheepskin | ottoman (similar) | upholstery fabric | rocking horse

I like both listed above (in fact, most from Babyletto) - anyone have either? I've had my eye on this rug for a while - love the idea of layering a sheepskin on top to make it plusher! A few years ago I missed a similar ottoman at a consignment shop - I'd love to find a vintage one (at an affordable price!) Rocking chairs can be pretty expensive - love the idea of repurposing one of my existing chairs (mine is similar but not the same) by adding a rocking chair base and reupholstering with a fun fabric! Also, love the idea of buying a cheaper chair and adding a rocking chair base (I may want something with a higher back!) I have a rattan rocking horse from my sweet friend Cassie! I also have a handmade one from my grandfather - that one will probably go in the living room.

The image below is a mock up that I did in sketch up - it's the room right outside of our bedroom. I'm thinking we will keep the baby in our room during the first few months and use this space for late night feedings etc. This is open to the rest of the house, and with the railing / stairs, so it definitely won't work as a nursery long term!

Any advice? I'm definitely new at this!


  1. I have the gray Hudson crib, and, ironically, also did the IKEA Strandmon rocker hack. Both have been awesome additions to our nursery and still holding up perfectly 2.5 years later. The crib is aesthetically pleasing, low profile with a small footprint, and easy for a shorty like me to maneuver a baby in and out. The chair was a late night nursing session dream. The wings are perfect to rest your head and snooze until baby is done. The rockers gave it a perfect recline as well as rock-ability. My 2.5 year old still loves to climb up next to me and rock before bedtime. An ottoman is a necessity, though. My feet don't touch the floor. Good luck!

  2. i am SOOOOO happy you get to put that rocker to use! and i love love love this plan!!!! it's going to be such a gorgeous room and i am over the moon for you!!!! XOXO

  3. That's a great use of space. I would recommend a side table near where you're feeding so you can set down a glass of water, the bottle and/or pump, your phone/book. And I definitely second needing an ottoman - there's times when you would even consider one of those horrendous 1990's grandpa recliners for comfort. Congrats!

  4. Sarah, I have some concernes about the crib position. Very soon your little one will try to grab things on the shelfs and they will fall on him/her, if it's not to put in the mouth ...

    1. Thanks Alice! Good point! I did think about that - I'm thinking baby will sleep in our room for the first few months and this space will primarily be used as a late night feeding area so the crib will mainly be stored here until baby is ready to sleep in it. Or If we finish the nursery on the lower level, we will probably put the crib there.

  5. Love it so much Sarah! It would fit right into my house ;) And I love that rocker

  6. If the baby is going to sleep in your room for the first couple of months (ours did and it was great), you're going to want a place to do late night feeds in your room. I didn't use use my rocker in the baby's room proper at nights until she started sleeping in there. I found it easiest to feed her in bed with me, and have a stack of burp cloths on the bedside table to take care of any collateral messes.

  7. We have had that crib 2.5 years and it's been great! It is in good enough condition for our next baby (though big brother still sleeps in it). As far as a rocker, you'll have to see what works best for you, but if you anticipate a lot of late nights feeding/rocking you may opt for something with softer arms. It's tricky to find a chair that has nice style and still works well functionally- we opted for the Graham glider from West Elm. Good luck and big congrats!!


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