Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Five | 03.31.17

I always love browsing Nordstrom's home section!

You don't necessarily need to make a kitchen island out of cabinetry! Love the use of a long table here

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Calling all green thumb friends! I don't think our garden is going to work out this year, we had a tree fall on our fence and we have way too many deer and not enough time to fix it! Plus we really need to cut down more dead / dying trees so it gets better light. I think we are going to stick to container gardening this year on our deck where we get good sun. I've never had much success though .. any tips and tricks would be much appreciated! Tomatoes of some sort are a must for me :) 

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Please pin from original source, here, thanks! 

At first I really liked this tank, but now I'm thinking the embroidery might be too much. Thoughts?

I picked up the sandals I wrote about last week and love them! I did find them to rub a little in the back, so for now I'm wearing them with the zipper open.

I really need to start making more decisions about our home!! I'm thinking of mixing in more new pieces with my vintage and DIY I'm loving these chairs for our dining room. 


  1. In colder climates, grow your tomatoes in black plastic pots (very large ones). The black plastic gets hot in the sun and warms the soil, which tomatoes just love. I live in Seattle and did this last year (as luck would have it - just those were the cheapest pots) - our tomatoes grew twice as large as all our neighbors. We didn't know why until someone mentioned that growing tomatoes in dark colored containers really helps them flourish due to heat.

    1. That does make sense!! Thanks so much!


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