Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Living Room | legrand

Today, I'm so happy to share our winter living room - featuring light switches and outlets from the Legrand Radiant collection!

I'm embarrassed to say that since we've painted the living room - we've left the dated almond outlets (without the cover)! Yikes!

SO much better! The white blends into the beam and I love the seamless plate. Not having the exposed screws makes such a difference!

I recently re potted my succulent in a blue and white bowl.

Same with our outlets - they've been plateless for a long time!

Once installed, the plate snaps in place.

So much better!

Here's the before of our outlet by the front door - not sure why they didn't put the box in the wall!? Wow, was it an eye sore!! There was a conduit that ran the cords up the wall - this was taken after that was removed.

This definitely wins for most improved!! We also added a dimmer to our light over our dining room -nice to have control over the amount of light!

I found Legrand's prices to be very competitive, if not cheaper than other products and the quality and design much better! I love the different options for finishes - ultimately, I went with white, because I wanted it to seamlessly blend into the wall.

We also got a few outlets that have USB ports and motion activated night light (normally I just use my phone when going to the bathroom at night) so much nicer not to have to fumble around looking for my phone!

Other features offered in Legrand's Radiant collection include, audio video capabilities, intercom, switches that are controlled by an app, and more. Stop by Legrand's site for more collections that offer additional options!

Legrand's products are offered through their website and Lowes (you can find a full list of where their products are sold here)

Sources: pillows blue brush strokefringe, diamond, Ottomans, coffee table, plant stand

Thanks so much to Legrand for sponsoring this post - as always, I only share companies and products that I've had a good experience with!


  1. we also have dated almond outlets everywhere.... i have got to get to them! i told chris that just yesterday!

  2. and ps- this room looks gorgeous as always!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Where oh where did you find your rug? I have been on the hunt for a natural rug and yours is perfection. Is it soft to walk on? Thanks!

  5. So gorgeous, Sarah! We love Legrand products!! And our pillow looks beautiful!! ����


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