Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Five | 1.6.17

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Riced cauliflower! I know this isn't new, but I tried it for myself the other day and it was really good! I told David after we ate that is wasn't rice and he had no idea (he isn't vegetable adverse, I just wanted to see if he would notice!) Whether you want to eat more veggies or less carbs give it a try (if you haven't :)! Pinterest has tons of ideas! 

I think the hardest thing about not eating dairy is cheese. The other day I tried Treeline's soft "cheese" product and it was surprisingly good! It's like a whipped cream cheese that's a little tangy - like sour cream. It's kinda pricey (the cheapest I found was $6.50) but worth it - I also like that it doesn't have any added oil or weird ingredients. I like it with these gf crackers.  *this isn't sponsored, just wanted to share a product that I've enjoyed recently! 

I love a wall to wall headboard (or floor to ceiling!) This DIY is a great solution for a headboard below a window! 

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Have a great weekend friends!! 


  1. Hey Sarah, where did you buy that cheese? I'm always looking for a good vegan cheese.

    1. I found at MOMS and Wegmans (a little cheaper at MOMS)!

  2. that headboard is SO fun! and guess what- i just bought cauliflower rice at costco because i am too lazy to rice it myself! ;)


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