Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Five | 12.30.16

I hope you had a great Christmas! Sorry for the long break - we've been busy! Mainly trying to figure out how to get our HVAC working (and other life stuff!) 

After spending a lot of money trying to get our HVAC fixed (with no luck) and getting quotes at $30,000+ to get it replaced - David decided (with guidance) to replace it himself. In case you're wondering why we can't get it fixed or easily replaced - we have a passive solar house (so it is very efficient and only needs a little extra support to stay fairly comfortable) with a geothermal system (that's what we are replacing). SO David got in touch with the architect for our house and he put us in touch with the person that designs geothermal systems for his designs. With his collaboration on the design - David was able to order the parts (LOTS of parts) to install it himself (currently working on it!) I'm not really sure what the diagram is below, but WOW looks super complicated to me! Just in case you think we're crazy for installing it ourself - David does have a background through his work, a knack for figuring most things himself and his Dad is an electrician, so we're confident with the help of the HVAC designer - we can do it ourselves! Note: this isn't something I'd recommend DIYing if you don't have experience - it's been a process!! 

Obsessed with this room! It's stunning! Love that it's mostly neutral with the pop on the rug! 

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Since going dairy free, I've been eating a lot more avocados (extra guac at Chipotle please!) The one thing that I hate is how quickly the avocado goes brown after cutting it. The other day David told me that he heard if you store the avocado with the seed, it keeps it from turning brown (or at least slows it down). It really works!! 

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Yum! This recipe looks SO good (and easy!) 

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If we build our own house one day - I MUST have a hallway like this - love it!! 

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Have you seen West Elm's new catalog? I enjoyed flipping through it! 

Two of these in my living room would be perfect! 

How amazing is this nightstand!? Love it!! 

That's it for today :) I hope you have a great New Year!! 


  1. i store my avocado with the seed and it works perfectly. if the seed goes missing- lime or lemon juice also works sprinkled on it. :) and if you go to chipotle regularly, let me know!

  2. I'm not so sure abut the avocado trick. When I slice one in half I leave the seed in one half, wrap it in Saran Wrap, & store it in the fridge. The next day it's brown.


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