Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Our Freshly Painted Exterior

Today, I'm so excited to share a few photos of the exterior of my house! Freshly painted! After painting the interior of our home - we were burned out, so we decided to hire it out (so glad we did!) Plus, we didn't want it to look patchy for weeks (our neighbors were already doing the slow drive by for the week and half that it was painted!)

Here's the before - the most ugly brown and cream doors. Yuck!

Plus, we needed to do some repair work, fill bore bee holes, wood pecker holes and other damage. Also, since we've filled the bee holes and wood pecker holes, we've kept them away!! This ball has helped a lot to keep the woodpeckers away (and cutting down the dead trees)

We were going to replace the garage doors, but that's going to require a little more work - we were told with the low ceiling height, we can't get new doors to work properly - so in the mean time, we got them painted!

The two large ash trees (on the left) are now gone - David and his Dad cut them down last winter - good thing since they are dying due to a bug coming through our area!

For the exterior, we used a solid stain by Benjamin Moore - Arborcoat for deck and siding - in Dragon's Breath 1547. It's the perfect color - a warm, medium to dark gray.

The solid stain, penetrates and bonds into the paint - so no need for primer! We only needed one coat - so the coverage was excellent. Even though we didn't paint the entire house ourselves, we have installed a new dog door and repaired the siding, so we did use the paint - it went on great!

We installed new numbers, from Design Within Reach - a little splurge, but that's okay every once and a while!

Soon, we'd love to add a patio on the back and add a pergola above to break up that side of the house.

We are in love with the new color! It's amazing what changing the color can do!

Thanks so much to Benjamin Moore for providing the paint - Arborcoat in Dragon's Breath 1547. As always, I only share products and companies that I love and have had a good experience with!


  1. LOVE this color! I think all mid-century architecture should be painted darker, moody colors like this; it really accents the design and gives it a voice. Great job!

  2. oh my goodness i LOVE it! who did you hire to do it??? i want to do ours but the quote i got was a little, ok a lot, beyond.

    1. Thank you Cassie! George Rosner Painting - I thought his pricing was very reasonable!

  3. OMG this looks beautiful! I loooooove the new look!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. LOOKS AMAZING!!! I've been thinking about Dragon's Breath for our house, which i wish we could paint soon but maybe next summer. love how your home has turned out!

    1. We bought so many different testers to make sure it was the right color - dragon's breath is so good!! We love it!

  5. Oh wow what a change! It looks so so good

  6. This color looks so great. It modernizes your house so much!


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