Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Five | 10.07.16

Last week, I went to NYC to the BHG Stylemaker event! It was SO good to see old friends and meet some new! #bhgstylemaker

I'm loving this color palette! Looking for a color palette? Try pulling colors from a favorite fabric or painting! 

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I found out this week that I'm extremely sensitive to both gluten and dairy, so I'll be cutting those out of my diet as much as possible. 

These Paleo Pumpkin Spice Bars look delicious! 

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Do you have any favorite gf and df recipes? I'd love to hear! 

THIS bathroom by The Hunted Interior! I'm obsessed with the ball chain shower curtain track! 

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Have a great weekend friends!


  1. The cookbook Oh She Glows Everyday has been very popular among the food blogs these days, and I believe it's vegan and gluten free recipes. You can check out her blog by the same name (Oh She Glows) for recipe ideas!

  2. oh i love that top and am off to check out the recipe! happy weekend!

  3. You should check out She creates gluten-free recipes for herself, and her son is allergic to dairy, so she has lots of recipes and tips, plus advice of different products she prefers.


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