Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bathroom Progress

We've been busy working on our downstairs bathroom! Over the weekend, David and his Dad worked on the electrical, which also resulted in moving the plumbing since it was RIGHT in the middle of where our new sconces are going (it's always something, right!?)

Before the weekend, we're hoping to get this gorgeous tile down! I love the vintage, ceramic tile look!

Sometimes when you're in the not so pretty of a reno, it's good to look back at where you were.

YES! This is the same vanity! We took off the partial overlay doors and replaced with (DIY) full overlay shaker doors and removed the toe kick panel and replaced with feet (by the way - painting cabinets is about my least favorite painting task - so many faces - it takes forever!)
I ordered these pulls - I liked the idea of adding pulls to the drawers and doors for a fuller look. If it's too visually heavy, I might go with these.

We're hoping to work on the concrete countertop this weekend - I can't wait (I think ;) - we haven't tried this before, wish us luck. Hopefully it will go smoothly!

Before I go, should we go natural concrete or a little darker? You can see our mood board here to get a better idea of what the space will look like. That's it for today :)


  1. Gorgeous tile! It's going to look stunning. I'd probably go with the natural concrete to let the floor tile be the star of the show.

  2. I am obsessed with those tiles & the DIY cabinets look killer! Bravo lady!

  3. I would go for the lighter concrete counter. You have enough dark going on with the floor tile, and it could look like you're trying to match it.

  4. I would go darker than natural. It doesn't have to be super dark, but even the concrete shown in your mood board is darker than lots of natural concrete. What a transformation on that vanity! Love to see your progress and vision.

  5. Any chance you'll be favoring us with a post on how to DIY our own full overlay cabinet doors? They look fantastic!

  6. I had a question about going from semi overlay to full overlay, too. Did you have to take the cabinet facing off, too?

    1. We just took the doors off and put different hinges on the new doors for the drawers we trimmed down the existing face and attached over :)


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