Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Five | 06.03.16

Love the detail on these draperies! 

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Check out these tips for a cleaner house! 

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This past weekend we made lemonade for David's birthday party - so this week I've been putting lemon and mint in my water. It's SO good! If you want to drink more water but, try lemon and mint - I've been drinking a lot more! 

I've been using my normal water bottle, but maybe this one would be nice. I like that it had a built in filter!

Doesn't this bedroom look relaxing, fresh, and have impact? I love the touches of wood with a pop of black and shades of blue. 

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Love that this maxi comes in Petite (in addition to Regular) - perfect for this shorty! 

How cute are these boxes!? You could also DIY with a leopard stencil and a gold sharpie! 
I hope you have a good weekend! We just got our wood (locust is good for outdoors!) back from being milled - so we will be working on our fenced in raised garden!! Can't wait to plant things :) 

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