Monday, May 2, 2016

Make Room For What You Love

Today, I'm so happy to be participating in a blog hop hosted by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room - featuring organization and simplifying our homes and lives!

Our organization has been lacking recently - trying to get our house more livable! Slowly, we've been making progress - when we renovated our closet, we got rid of A LOT clothing. It felt really good! I've saved money because I think more about what I'm buying, where I'll wear it, will it shrink, what can I wear it with, how often will I wear this?

Here's the before. I should have taken one with clothes - it was a mess - very cramped and disorganized. Shh! I would just throw things on the ground. We have the same amount of clothing rail, but the middle is now open!

Onto to my basement - it was FULL of my furniture hoards finds it was time to get rid of some of my treasures, we could barely walk around. Luckily, my friend Cassie has a fabulous vintage shop - so she always needs furniture. She took a good chunk, I also sold a few things at Sweet Clover and on Craigslist.

I did keep one dresser (I mean how could I not, bamboo, greek key pulls, teak - I've never seen anything like it) Passing on my finds did motivate me to pull it out of pile and work on it.

This dresser had ALOT going one - it definitely needs to be simplified. Pink marble top anyone?

The Greek Key pulls were included with the dresser.

I've started sanding - it had semi transparent stain on it.

Look at that bamboo detail!

Over the weekend, we visited Exotic Lumber and found a wood that was a close match to redo the center door - goodbye rattan and swirly detail hello simple and modern.

The pulls are solid brass (verse plated) Top is polished, bottom is unpolished. 

We applied a clear sealer to one drawer, it's amazing how the wood turned so much deeper. 

There are a few different woods on the dresser, so we're still deciding how to make it work, but I hope to keep it natural.

Doesn't it feel good to declutter!?

Also, take a look at Melissa's new book - Make Room For What You Love!

Be sure to check out the other stops on the tour!

Finally, I'll be back later today to share my May Michaels Maker Challenge - be sure to come back!


  1. LOVE the keeper! and also love that i was able to "help" you. ;)

  2. What a beauty! I can't wait to see how that dresser turns out. Love the pulls too!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It is unique, isn't it? I love the pulls!

  3. OMG this dresser is already a gem!
    I love it!!! I look forward to see it finished... :)

  4. That hardware is just amazing!

    1. I know! I love it!! So lucky that the dresser came with it

  5. Thank you for being a part of the book tour, Sarah, I appreciate it. Your dresser will be beautiful!

    1. Hi Melissa - Thanks so much for having me!!


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