Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Progress Outside

I hope you had a great weekend! It was SO pretty outside - we spent the entire weekend working on our yard.

Planter tutorial on eHow soon!

Our yard is a mess - tons of dead trees. We've been cutting down the dead trees and trees close to the house. This resulted in ALOT of trunks and branches. David has been splitting some of the logs when he has time. For the small branches, we rented a wood chipper (see that pile in the background?) Perfect for mulching!

For the large logs, we had them picked up and milled. Can't wait to get them back! We have a fenced in garden planned!!

Hope you're enjoying pretty weather as well - makes me miss the 70 and sunny weather of California!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your hanging bench! Do you have a tutorial for it?

    1. Thanks tori! I never did a tutorial, but I could put one together!

    2. That would be great! I have a perfect spot on my patio to hang one and after hours of searching for hanging benchs I keep coming back to yours:)

  2. Your patio is lovely! And that hanging bench! Amazing.

  3. What a great idea that you are getting them milled so you can use the wood

  4. So much FANTASTIC wood -- lucky!!! Glad you are putting those awesome trunks to good use!


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