Monday, February 1, 2016

Lucite Marble Bookends DIY | Michaels Makers

Happy February! For this month's Michaels Makers post - we were introduced to the new Make Market line - a range of products from rustic to glam. I was instantly drawn to the lucite letters and thought they'd make amazing bookends!

This DIY was pretty simple! Follow along to see how we did it!

First, we measured the width of the letter on a marble threshold ($10, purchased from Home Depot)

We cut it with our tile saw - if you don't have one - you can also use a circular saw (with a blade to cut stone) and have a partner pour water over while cutting. You can also use 3x6 marble tiles (and not cut them) though it will be lighter, so won't hold as much weight.

Our marble threshold was beveled on two sides, so we sanded the other two with an orbital sander (220 grit) so it would match.

We placed the letter on the marble - centered - used a straight object to see where the books would hit the letter (if you have two letters, make sure that they letter is pointed the correct direction for the side you want it on)

Mark where the letter sits on the piece of marble. If you're letter needs more surface area, cut a small piece off the bottom (you can use a normal chop saw, table saw, etc. with a fine blade) so it sits flush (we did this with the S)

Sand the area where the letter touches so it grabs better when glued. We used 180 grit, but 220 would work too. Remove the dust.

Repeat on the bottom of the letter - just where it touches the marble. Remove the dust.

Mix epoxy (per instructions) and place on the bottom of the letter.

Place on the letter - use tape to hold it in place if needed while it dries.

Let it dry and that's it! Super easy!

They don't photograph very well, but they look so good in person!!

I love them!!

Be sure to check out the Make Market line in store at Michaels! If you're looking for more inspiration - be sure to check out projects on and the other 49 Michaels Makers projects! 


  1. Wonderful idea! Love the piece of marble that you used. Didn't know you could get that at HD... that opens a world of craft options!

  2. Really clever and turned out beautiful!

  3. Sarah,

    I saw your post on The Everygirl and sought out your blog because I love the white picture frame with the gold corners... did you make that??? Oh I hope you let me know!! Thank you!

    All the Cute
    Latest Post: Larimar Ring


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