Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Five | 02.26.16

Happy Friday! I hope that you had a great week! 

Pillows!! Obessed with everything from Susan Connor

Please pin from original source, here, thanks! 

Please pin from original source, here, thanks! 

Need a smile? How adorable is this Instagram account!? 

Please pin from original source, here, thanks! 

Recognize the pillow from above? Love this neutral bedroom! 

Please pin from original source, here, thanks! 

Happy Weekend!!! 


  1. Sarah, thank you for the kind mention! I'm delighted our designs caught your discerning eye - it means so much to me - and I hope you'll let me know if you'd like to see swatches of our textiles - happy to send along! Also....we'll see if I get any work done today, because I'm probably going to spend the morning squealing over the adorableness of Pumpkin and Friends. Ohhhh my goodness.

  2. That is my favorite Instagram account ever and I want to live with them in their amazing location and home


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