Monday, February 22, 2016

Dorsey Reno Update + Eames Lounge Chair

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so! I realized that I haven't shared a #dorseyreno update recently - and for good reason - there hasn't been one! Painting the rest of the walls and refinishing the rest of the hardwood floors was a little overwhelming - mainly because we can't really live here during most of it (wish we could have done it before we moved in!)

We came up with a plan to break it unto more manageable chunks - so we've gained our momentum and we're back on track!

This weekend - we finished laying down all the plastic and sprayed the ceiling in the two back bedrooms, the hallway and the kitchen (still love our sprayer by the way!) I can't wait until the whole space is bright white!! I know that not everybody agrees about painting the wood - but I think that we can ALL agree that the rough sawn wood absorbing dirt is NOT a good thing - it's basically impossible to really clean.

Last weekend David found an authentic Eames Lounge chair on CL - there was one person in front of us - luckily they backed out! We've been searching for several years - so we were definitely excited! We found the ottoman shell on eBay - so we'll be piecing the ottoman together as we find the parts.

We have so many projects that we want to complete - it's hard to chose what to start on after we finish the painting and floors .. the chair definitely got me thinking about the small loft off of our bedroom.

Here's a quick sketch that I did for the space - I'd love to add a built in and of course the Eames chair!

So what's next? Kitchen? MBR bath? Loft? I can't decide!! What would you do first? 


  1. OMG! What an amazing find! Did they know it was Eames? Those are my favorite stories. I'm still looking for one on the side of the road on trash day. A girl can dream right!?

  2. Looks amazing and I'm sooo jealous of the chair find!!!!

    I would absolutely get the kitchen going next, but that's my preference. I would do MBR next of course. Maybe reverse the order based on how much you use them.

  3. I have always wanted this chair!!!! Great find! Can't wait to see what you choose to do next, love be following along.

  4. Love the chair!!! We have a knock off eames, and it kind of bothers me, but I love the look and it is comfortable. If I can ever find a real one for less than $2000 I will have to buy it! With the chair, I would be tempted to finish the master!

  5. You found an Eames Chair on CL!?! What a score! Congrats.


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