Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Holiday With Heart Blog Tour

I'm so thrilled to be participating in Jen from With Heart's - a home with heart blog tour. Jen is SO sweet and talented - be sure to stop by her blog!

If you're stopping by SG Style, welcome! I'm so glad that you're here! I adore Shavonda's style :)

Thinking about Christmas traditions - we kept things fairly simple always revolving around family and a little around food (sticky buns every Christmas morning :)

We would drive from Illinois to South Carolina to visit my Grandparent's home and then to Maryland to visit my Grandfather. A lot of driving, but what's Christmas without seeing everyone??

My Grandparent's house was decked to the halls - especially the tree. By far, my favorite ornament was this ballerina. It was attached to a revolving ball, so it spun in a circle - like she was twirling (I need to find one of those!) Several years she gave it to me, it's been at my parent's house ever since - while I was in school and moving around. This is the first year at my house - it's definitely the star of the tree!

This is also our first year decorating our tall tree - it's the perfect height for the corner! 

I've never been a huge holiday decorator, but I always decorate a tree.

Here's our other 2015 tree - in my office.

Christmas 2014 

Christmas 2013

Also, one of my favorite new traditions is taking a photo of Annabelle around Christmas time.

Annabelle isn't the biggest fan of getting her picture taken anymore - maybe Charlotte competing for attention will turn that around this year! Stay tuned for 2015 Annabelle and Charlotte photos!

Thanks so much for stopping by!! :)

Keep the tour going with the fabulous Jennifer from Style House Interiors!!


  1. Annabelle!!! So so sweet. And that tall tree is amazing. I always love seeing your tree decorations. And what sweet memories of that ballerina.

  2. Beautiful! I especially love all of the wooden trees on the table. Do you have a tutorial for those?

  3. Your tree is lovely, as is that room! And Annabelle. So sweet!

  4. how stinkin' cute is annabelle? oh my goodness!!!! love your home and style as always.

  5. Your tree looks absolutely stunning!! And Annabelle is well just the sweetest!

  6. Wow love this so much! Love your blog! I just started my own creative blog. I'd love to hear your feedback. Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow love this so much! Love your blog! I just started my own creative blog. I'd love to hear your feedback. Merry Christmas!

  8. Sarah, whoa! That tree is enormous!! And so striking. I love ornaments I remember from childhood. And we do sticky buns every Christmas morning too!

  9. Annabelle!!! I love this so much. Thanks for joining in, dear friend! You always do your tree up right! xx


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