Friday, November 6, 2015

My Inspired Room

Happy Friday! I'm so excited to be sharing my friend Melissa Michael's new book - The Inspired Room! This week - she has invited bloggers to share about an inspired room in their home.

Amazing sculptural vase from my friend Taylor's shop!

We currently only have two semi complete rooms in our MD house, so I decided to share our MBR from our CA rental. I was inspired every time I walked in, so it was the perfect candidate!

I love the bright pop of color mixed with white, the textural grasscloth and metal nailhead.

Nearly everything was DIYed in the space - so it was definitely a labor of love. Click here for grasscloth nailhead wall, bamboo nightstand, and coral headboard.

We sanded and refinished this desk

DIYed the pendant. 

I miss that space! BUT I'm so excited to start on our new MBR - we are so close to moving back in!! Stay tuned for updates :)

Melissa's book is amazing! So many amazing tips, photographs, and drawings - you won't be disappointed!

Finally, be sure to check on The Inspired Room for your chance to win a $300 gift card to Anthropologie!


  1. I Love that room. That nailhead project was genius. The link you provided for your friend's shop takes us to your favorites page, which it just says, "Oops" and some other stuff, so we can't actually get to the shop (don't worry, we can't see your favorites page either).

    1. I updated! :) Thanks for letting me know

  2. I totally see why you were inspired! Gorgeous space and I love love love the headboard!

  3. This room is stunning, Sarah! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your room and my book! XO


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