Sunday, November 1, 2015

Michaels Maker | Dream Tree Challenge 2015

For the November Michaels Maker's challenge - I was asked to create my ultimate dream Christmas tree! I had the perfect place in my office - so I decided to go a non traditional color route - blues, yellow and pinks.

My theme was paint! I wanted to create ornaments that would have lots of impact, but not a lot of money. These watercolor ornaments were perfect! 

You will need: watercolor paper, watercolors, a punch (or you can cut out by hand, but this is sooo much easier), ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue. 

1. On watercolor paper - paint loose stokes all over (it doesn't have to be pretty!) - let dry, paint the other side. 2. Once dry, cut out with a punch. 3. Measure the center of the circle and cut half way through (you may need to cut the slice a little larger - you want it to be the thickness of the paper so it sits straight) 3. Slide two circles together 4. Add a thin bead of quick dry glue down the seam to help hold it. 5. Add a small hole  - add a string and hang! 

I also added a little craft paint to the inside of clear ornaments. Super easy - just squirt a little inside and shake around - cover the top with your finger!

The DIY tassels are made from leather - you can find my tutorial here.

Aren't they fun?

Now that it's November, are you ready to start decorating? Or are you a firm - after Thanksgiving decorator?

Either way, get inspired at Michael's blog, The Glue String to find more ideas from the other 49 Michaels Makers! Michaels is also offering free shipping on all trees 6' and taller - so if you need a new tree, take a look!

Happy decorating!! :)


  1. LOVE how it turned out, sarah! the palette is so unique and fun and i love the ornaments you created!

  2. It is gorgeous!! I love the colors and the entire vignette!! So, so good!

  3. Oh my daughter would love making the ornaments. Looks so pretty

  4. So beautiful, Sarah. We need to make some of these for our tree!

  5. Love everything about this, Sarah! I also love your rug! Where did you find it?



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