Monday, October 19, 2015

House Update

Hey! I hope you had a great weekend! Just wanted to give you an update on our renovation .. it's going sooooo slow, but the painting and floor refinishing is almost coming to an end. Hopefully by Thanksgiving.

Once we finished refinishing the MBR floors, we decided to paint - that way we can finally get all of our furniture back in place and have one usable room! Right now our entire MBR and MBR closet are in the room outside the bedroom .. NOT fun stubbing my toe 4 times this week tripping over things.

So I'm definitely motivated to get the painting done so we can move back in. Last weekend we sprayed the ceiling (see my tips here) This weekend we hand painted the ceiling beams - to get in the crevices of the rough wood, caulked and put on a final coat. We also painted the wall beams. So we just have to caulk the walls, put on a final top coat (white) and paint the window trim (white).

Do you remember my to paint or not to paint post? You can see all the options I considered there.

Here's my photoshopped version of white walls and ceiling.

This weekend we also worked on the chandelier for the space, you can see the before below (after two summer's we never used the fan, thank goodness, because I reeeeeally hate fans)

and we almost finished another project, sneak peak here. Sometimes you need to finish something fun when doing the stuff that takes longer (painting) to help get you through it! Reveal next week!!

So up next for our reno is finishing the paint in the MBR and at least partially reconfiguring the closet to make the space more usable - before we move our stuff back in (we have plans for a new door too!) You can see the before in our before in our upstairs house tour

On an unrelated note, we have a VERY persistent woodpecker attacking our wood house. It isn't scared of much .. any thoughts on how to keep it away?? I'd appreciate it!

Hope you have a great week friends! See you on Wednesday for another #blogging101!


  1. Oh Sarah, we can hold each other's hands through all the renovations! I have the same issue. The contents of our master closet is in my son's room as we make it over and my little one is bunking up with my oldest all while our kitchen is getting remodeled and boxes are taking over my living room bc the contractor needs the garage to work in. Always interesting! I love that you want to paint it all white. It will brighten up the space so much and you'll work your magic with all the deets! xo

  2. I think the Windows would look awesome painted black!

  3. I really hate fans too and can't wait to see how the chandelier will look.

  4. Interested on any woodpecker advice we've got a problem too.

  5. Interested on any woodpecker advice we've got a problem too.

  6. Love the white and open space. I am looking for a new home now and want it to have a beamed ceiling. I grew up in a house with one that was all white so I naturally gravitate to it. It just feels right. We have a woodpecker too.. Ugggghhhh! He has made many holes in the molding around our front door. We have tried everything to deter him. Strips of foil taped to the molding that move in the breeze have kept him away the longest, but look ridiculous. :-)

  7. As for the pecker problem (sorry, couldn't resist) it says if the holes are large, they are looking to mate and nest and that should subside in the spring. If the holes are small and irregular, they are going after insects. So, if the latter, take care of the insect problem. Maybe get a few plastic owls or hawks, bird netting, or loud deterrents. Those are the safe bets. The only other option is an air rifle,,,,or a good barn cat.

  8. I can empahize so deeply with the woodpecker issue:). We had a major problem with them pecking holes all over our cabin! We finally got some that work. They're the ones that look like eyes (unfortunately because they're sort of ugly) have done the trick! No more patching and painting for us����
    You can get them at Home Depot or on Amazon. Type 'wood pecker deterrent' and they'll pop right up.
    (The ones we like are the Bird B Gone Reflective Scare Bird Diverters)


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