Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Five | 10.23.15

Happy Friday! :) I hope you had a great week! 

Thinking about kitchen countertops .. How gorgeous is the Brittanica Quartz?

cambria usa
and Ella Quartz

cambria usa
Gorgeous alternatives to marble! 

This past weekend, I used these rollers (found at Home Depot) while painting the rough wood beams in our bedroom .. they aren't designed for rough surfaces, but they really did work well!! Basically no effort! These are a little more expensive than basic rollers, but I think it's worth paying a little more if it makes your painting job faster and easier! So next time you need to tackle painting a room, considering buying something other than budget supplies. 

I'm not sure how they work on smooth surfaces, like drywall, but probably pretty good too! 

In about a month, I'll be Sailing with the Scotts! I can't wait!! If you're interested in joining, use the promo code  SarahDorsey to buy one get one. 

Now that we're done refinishing the floors in our bedroom, I'm picking out a rug! I think I'm finally going to pull the trigger on West Elm's Souk rug (currently on sale!!!)

Remember a few week's ago when I was looking for booties? I landed on these! Hopefully, I like them when they get here! 

 I also just ordered this dress. Free 2 day shipping and 40% off with code FAST


  1. Sailing with the Scotts!?!?! Get out, how cool. And I love my quartz so so much and even though it was a lot more than marble, I'm definitely happy I splurged. So so easy to clean and keep looking nice.

  2. Love those counters, and that rug...its been on my list for two years and I still really want it


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