Monday, October 26, 2015

DIY Leather Stools

I hope you have a great weekend! I'm so excited to share our latest project - DIY leather stools!

My obsession started after seeing gorgeous leather stools on Serena and Lily. I received several dowel rods from my Grandfather - so I was looking forward to using those, but since I needed two different sizes - I didn't have enough. We ended up purchasing poplar dowel rods from Home Depot (1" and 1.25")

On the ends, we added gold nailhead. 

The gorgeous distressed leather is from The Leather Hide store - Nevada Distress. It's so so soft!

Nesting marble cocktail table here

I've really been enjoying Eddie Ross' new book, Modern Mix. Not only is it filled with gorgeous images, but it's such a good read. Eddie is both entertaining and so knowledgeable! You MUST check it out if you haven't. I met Eddie last year at the BHG Stylemaker challenge and saw him again this year at the BHG Stylemaker event (still need to post my recap!) and he is so kind, genuine, and personable - you just want to be around him! Melissa Michaels' - The Inspired Room just came in the mail and I can't wait to dive into to - after quickly thumbing through it, I can't wait!

I didn't have time to post a full tutorial. It was a busy weekend - painting the bedroom, we're so close - one more coat! We also tore a part the kitchen to install the hardwood floors and planning the MBR closet redo (it's going to be amazing!!). That kinda snowballed when we figured we should paint the ceiling while we had the paint sprayer out. We're hoping to get the bedroom and closet done in the next few weeks so we can move back in.

Pillows from Motif Designs (love them)!!

If you are interested in a tutorial for the stools, let us know! We did use a drill press (without it, it would have been difficult to get the holes even and straight).

I hope you have a good week!! See you back Wednesday for the final #blogging101! :)

Thanks so much to The Leather Hide store for providing the leather for this project - as always,  I only share companies that I've had a great experience with! Check out my leather tote tutorial here!


  1. Those stools look so great! Love them. Are they sturdy enough to sit on? (Sorry if that is bad to ask, just curious...) Thanks for the books suggestions. I want to read them both. If you are looking for more to read, my copy of Lauren Liess: Habitat a Field Guide to Decorating, just arrived and I'm inhaling it.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Good question - I meant to mention that! They are sturdy enough to sit on, the leather is surprisingly strong!

  2. I'd love a tutorial. Maybe you can recommend an alternative way to build them for those who don't have a drill press.

  3. Sarah, the stools look absolutely lovely! You put Leather Hide Store's Nevada Distress to great use! This is such a excellent showcase of the creative possibilities of working with upholstery leather, and using leather remnants to create beautiful, luxurious accents for the home! Thank you so much for this DIY

  4. Oh, I'd LOVE a tutorial for this. They look like the PERFECT stools to make with holidays (and the need for extra seating) around the corner!

  5. Ditto - I'd love a tutorial for the stools. As luck would have it, I just inherited my dad's drill press! It's so fun to watch you as you make progress through the house:)

  6. Wow!! It would be great to have a tutorial!

  7. yes, to a tutorial! I got an old leather sofa for free and have lots of leather just waiting to be used!!

  8. These are awesome, Sarah! I used that exact leather for the pouf I made last year and I agree, it is so soft and gorgeous. Man, I wish I had a drill press - I tried making holes in a dowel using a paddle bit and it sorta kinda worked but was mostly a frustrating disaster!

  9. Awesome stools! I've been in love with the Serena & Lily version since they first came out - but not so much with the price tag. I've been brainstorming a DIY but I'd LOVE to see a tutorial for how you built yours! They look fantastic :-D


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