Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Michaels Makers | Kick Off Fall

Happy September! Today, I'm sharing my second Michaels Makers post (get caught up here, if you missed it!)

I love summer, but I really love how the cooler months bring decorating, baking, and projects inside! To kick off the season, I created a tablescape - using a craft pumpkin from Michaels, puffy paint and some fresh flowers.

Nothing says fall like pumpkins! Love how the white, black and green fits into my color scheme!

I started by creating a few lines and then decided to create a fuller look by placing dots all over.

I love the slightly raised texture!

To finish it off, I cut a hole in the top with a sharp kitchen knife and added a few of my favorite flowers.

Finally, I used a few of my favorite brass vintage accessories, sticks from the yard and a DIY painted tablecloth (tutorial coming soon!)

If you're ready to kick off fall in your home - check out the fall decor at Michaels! I love the faux pumpkins because after spending time decorating, they last forever! Perfect for tablescapes, your front porch, or even a fall themed gallery wall

Looking for more fall inspiration to kick off the season? Check out the fall themed projects from the other amazing 49 Michaels Makers


  1. Sarah! I love this so much! I love how fresh and funky it is, too. You are so talented, my friend.

  2. Now those are halloween colors I can get behind.

  3. This is beautiful Sarah, I gotta say I'm a little tired of the same fall decor so this gets me excited!


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