Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Update

Hey everyone! I haven't shared a personal update recently, so I thought this would be a good time! You may have noticed that posts and projects have been a little slower - that's two fold. 1. Painting and refinishing the floors is taking longer than anticipated (though we are getting close!) 2. Since June, I've been working full time at a Model Home Interior Design firm. As of now, I won't be able to share my designs (from work) here, but I'll definitely be sharing all of our home renovation process.

I'm not really sure why I waited a little to share that I was working outside of the blog - maybe I didn't want anyone to think I was going away or that I cared less. But, after posting was a light last week, I wanted to share why. I went to NYC for the BHG Stylemaker event (post coming soon!) and then to NC for a model home install for work. So it was a busy week.

I want you to know that I love blogging and I love sharing our DIY projects and home renovations here, so I'll definitely be around - most likely three times a week. We have a couple more weekends of work on the the floors and painting and then we can get into more of the prettier stuff :) I also have a few fun DIY projects in the works, so stay tuned for those!

Here's a quote that has been resonating a lot with me recently. You can do anything but not everything. I've been trying to slow down and focus on quality instead of quantity. Mug via BySamantha


This past weekend, we worked on sealing the floors inside and finishing the deck railing and building a gate for the dogs! Our fall deck will be revealed next Monday!!


  1. i have often reminded myself of that quote and let my blog be what it is,... no schedule.... no pressure. i have my shop i need to take care of and the blog is just for me, so when i need to skip writing i just do. no pressure comes from readers- i realized it had all come from within, so once you let go of that it's freeing!

  2. I can't believe you even have a fall deck on top of everything else. Mine is at this point fling apart.

  3. Congrats on the job! What an exciting time. Can't wait to see the house/floor updates :-)

  4. Congratulations on the new job - you'll rock it!!

  5. That quote is something we all need to keep in mind!!!

  6. congrats! what a great life change. great quote for the day. I have to remind myself that all the time!

  7. Hey Sarah! Congrats on the job! You made mention of "working full time" a few posts ago and I was wondering if we'd find out what you were up to! Glad to hear you're not going away, and we'll get to see that beautiful house of yours' come together in time! Can't wait for updates when you're ready to share them!

  8. Good luck with your new role. I have also made the shift back to full time work, I hate not being able to post as much but its all about balance. Love that quote - something to live by


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