Monday, August 10, 2015

House Update | Floor Sanding

Just wanted to pop in quickly to give you a house reno update! Last weekend we started sanding the floors. We rented a floor sander from Home Depot and got started on the smallest area of the house - the loft.

(Delta air filtration purchased on CL for our wood shop worked well to help clean the air!)

Overall, our floors look pretty decent, but there are several areas damaged by sun and water damage, so refinishing was a good option.

Around the beams, we used a multi tool and the mouse sander attachment - it worked SO well for the tight corners.

The sander worked well, but since our floors aren't perfectly level (we thought they were pretty good) it didn't get every crevice, so we had to go back and sand with the hand held random orbit sander - so that wasn't ideal, and definitely won't be a desirable option for the entire house.

We rented a drum sander for the deck and were concerned about it cutting the floors too deep, but I think we're going to give it a try next weekend with a higher grit sand paper (to reduce the chances of damaging the floors).

To reduce dust, we connected our shop vac to the sander - as you can imagine, with the sander, dust collector and shop vac, it was loud! The puppies were safe and sound at David's parent's house.

I didn't get a photo of the floors after they were sanded, but you can see the color difference in most of the photos. We plan on keeping it light and natural - sealing with clear.

Stay tuned for more house updates soon!


  1. So much work but I'm really excited to see those lighter floors!

  2. I was curious if you'd stain them or not. Love that you're going to keep them natural. What kind of wood are they? So lucky to have floors in good enough shape to just refinish!

  3. Oh man - I really want to do this...but am not sure how I can manage it with so much STUFF in our house now :/ What a difference it will make though!

  4. you two should have your own show. you literally do everything! these floors are looking GOOD

  5. We have a couple of floors that need to be sanded. Thanks for the details on your progress. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  6. I think I have to get that desk chair for my daughter.


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