Monday, August 24, 2015

DIY Brass Sconce

Thanks for your response over our new DIY sconces last week!

** Update - tutorial has been removed due to an issue with the supplier - I cannot recommend ordering parts through this company, so the source has been deleted **

When you're building a light you want to make sure that it is wired correctly and all the safety precautions have been made - so if you are unsure, be sure to contact an electrician. First and foremost, always make sure the power is off by flipping the breaker on the main electrical box - double check!

Each light took us about 30 minutes to make - I love the fact that no modification or painting was involved! The brass back plate did have a discoloration - so we sanded with a fine synthetic sanding pad (made for metal) wiped clean and then sealed all of the brass with a clear paste wax - we SC Johnson Paste Wax from Home Depot.

For about $70 each, we have our own wall sconces!! LOVE them! :)

Have a great week friends! :) 


  1. Wow! First time here, love that sconce! Amazing job, bravo ;)

  2. Bravo! These are amazing. Just beautiful. Your talent and ingenuity always astounds!

  3. these are SO amazing, sarah! you are fabulous!

  4. Love these Sarah! Found you via Instagram.

  5. Awesome! This is why yours is my favourite blog to follow.

  6. Amazing, as always! Your patience just to even figure that out is to be commended!

  7. I would buy those from you. They are fantastic my friend.

  8. Once again mind glowingly good. I'd love to have one in my bathroom and I'm angry now that I bought something stupid at the store.

  9. These are incredible, Sarah!!!!!! (Is that enough exclamation points to get my excitement across?) LOVE these!

  10. Love this for my living room, but I'm too afraid to commit to having them hardwired. What changes in parts would be needed for these to be plug in sconces?

    1. Thanks bess! You could have the same parts - drill a hole on the bottom of the back plate - add a grommet and run the wire out the bottom

  11. Would you consider putting the tutorial back without the part numbers or links? I'm still interested in trying to build these, but don't know what any of the parts are called!


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I love hearing what you think! :)

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