Monday, June 15, 2015

Refurbished Record Cabinet | Before + After

Today I'm sharing a refurbished record cabinet that we started about a year ago (I'll get to why it took a year in a little bit)

To say that it has come a long way would be a big understatement! It was VERY dirty, had water damage on the bottom and the interior was filled with a radio and record player.

Now it's bright white, clean and usable (old record/radio parts removed!) We probably would have passed, but those Greek Key pulls sold us (and the $14 price tag - found at Old, New and In Between in Lenoir City, TN)

I've wanted a piece of with legs slightly larger than the top for a while (like this). When I saw the water damage, I thought this would be the perfect candidate!

So we removed the base with the jigsaw and added a base constructed of wood. My original plan was to gold leaf the base (similar to this piece from World's Away). So, for the base, we used exposed screws covered with wood filler verse hidden pocket holes for the screws .. Looking back, I might have used different wood and pocket holes to leave it natural.

So, here's why it took me a year to finish. At that point, I had been painting everything white, so I wanted something different .. I ended up deciding on a mint for the top. I painstakingly gold leafed the handles (not shown below, though I should have taken a pic of that!) Then, I started gold leafing the base, it wasn't working and was taking forever .. so I decided to spray paint the base gold. It looked ok.. I Then decided to spray paint the handles, so the gold would match and added clear on top. It looked horrible. Never spray clear on top of gold (unless you test it somewhere else first). Again, not shown below (that photo was after removing the original finish), but it looked bad ... At the time, I didn't feel like finishing it 1. I was frustrated and 2. I didn't know what I wanted to do.

Here it is ready for paint, after I sanded this weekend. Not loving the mint or gold ..

I decided to paint it all white. The base gold, looked a little busy too me, so I painted it all with my favorite white, Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

The handles were sanded and sprayed with Design Master gold spray paint.

The interior was disgusting ...... the radio and record player were removed and it was given a good cleaning.

(Doors removed since I just sprayed the hinges and I didn't want to attach them yet)

I love it so so much! Our house is currently torn it apart (for painting!!) so I photographed it in our entry (with a stenciled backdrop p.s. my etsy shop will be reopening soon .. I just have to find my stencils - I still haven't unpacked them ..) I'm thinking it might work in our living room, but it would also make a great nightstand!

I finally found some peonies this season. I photographed a few projects this weekend using them. Who knew peonies could be motivation to finish projects?

One more because they are my favorite and around only once a year.

The brass whale was found at the thrift store.

One last before

and after.

I love it!


  1. Amazing Sarah.....definitely worth all the effort and suits your style perfectly!

  2. Beautiful piece! Amazing transformation. I'm loving those gold handles!

  3. that cabinet was worth it for the hardware alone :) I just adore it Sarah! xo

  4. You always amaze me with your talent!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  5. It's beautiful! Great job :)

  6. Such a great makeover! You guys always go above and beyond with your awesome projects - I absolutely love that you had the vision to cut down the cabinet and add a base! Just gorgeous!

  7. You did such a great job! I'm trying to do better at envisioning what I can do with pieces that can only be partially saved. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  8. Gorgeous job! Say, would you mind posting a tutorial on how to make that base? I just bought a campaign dresser that I want to use as a sideboard in my dining room only it's a little short, and the existing base is slightly damaged. I'd like to make a base for it, and I've looked at your tutorial for the mid-century base, only I feel like it's a little advanced for my carpentry skills. I like this one! Show me how to make it!

  9. You guys never cease to amaze me. You can rescue anything. I love the handles, but I would have walked away from the piece, never even thinking about just cutting the damaged part off.

  10. Love it! Where is Old, New and In Between in Lenoir City?? I live in Knoxville and am always looking for new thrift stores to shop at. Thanks!

  11. You are incredible!! I love that you pivoted when you didn't love the direction and took a breather - it shows it looks insanely good! Your creativity always blows me away, rock on lady!

  12. gorgeous!!! I know the feeling, when you feel like you're doing the same thing over and over. White is right in my book, and this piece definitely wanted to be white :) great makeover chica!

  13. I love it! I did something similar with a 70's stereo cabinet. I transformed it into a champagne bar. Let me know if you want to see pics :)

  14. Stunning piece once again. And adore the hardware

  15. LOVE this remake! Swooning over that hardware! Here is our record cabinet remake ...
    xoxo Karen June

  16. Well I think it was all worth it for that hardware! What a labor of love though!

  17. OMG gorgeous! This is the most incredible before and after!


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