Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday FIve | 06.12.15

Who wouldn't love working in this office? Soon our ceilings will look like this! Can't wait!! I also really love the floors!

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a beautiful mess

6th Street Design School shares what we should be buying at Urban Outfitters! I love this long bolster pillow

I love the look of these wedges, though maybe a little tall for me. I wonder if they're comfortable? Anyone know?

Love this DIY tablecloth from Let's Mingle!

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lets mingle

Love these knobs from Anthro! Currently on sale for $2.95!

This lacquer campaign set from Anthro is too pretty not to share! 

Also, I'll be finally sharing my Tennessee apartment tour next week! I've been holding out on you .. I have an entire new bedroom to share!! Be sure to check back next week!


  1. Lacquer campaign yes please and I wear wedges similar to that every day. I think they are very comfortable.

  2. I love that yellow furniture, such a fun color for that style of furniture! And what a steal on those knobs!


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