Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hammock in the backyard | La Siesta

One of my favorite memories growing up was the hammock in our backyard. It was under two large trees that perfectly shaded the hammock - even on a hot day, it was nice to be out there. 

This hammock from La Siesta is almost an exact replica! And these are those trees! 

A few years ago, the hammock was left outside and ended up in pieces. We're guessing that it was attacked by squirrels.. So sad - it was beyond repair. After the hammock was gone, the area grew up - it looked like this until last week. 

Last week David and I went to my parent's house and (carefully) cleared out this little spot avoiding poison. We left the last row of underbrush, we were trying to minimize our potential contact with poison .. We may remove it over the winter. The field behind their house was bought by a tree farm (so lucky not a development!) so it's a fairly pretty view!

My Dad really enjoyed spending time out here with the original hammock, so hopefully he will again with this one

We used the tree suspension rope from La Siesta to hang it. 

Aren't spring flowers the best? I love this lilac bush in my parent's backyard! 

Citron pom pom throw is from West Elm (a year ago) and gray tassel throw is from Home Goods. Accent pillows are a DIY using P Kauffman outdoor fabric and a black and white stripe. 

Even on a sunny day, this spot is always perfectly shaded. 

Perfect for napping or reading. 

 So, do you love hammocks as much as I do?

Once we find the perfect spot at our house, I'll put one up there too! Maybe this one.

Thanks so much to La Siesta for providing the hammock! All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.  I only share products that I love and have had a great experience with!


  1. So cozy :) Scott and I were just taking about a hammock or large swing as part of our long-term backyard plans. Pretty styling!

  2. I do. It's perfect and I love lilacs too. We have a big one as well


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