Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Pillows + Super Easy DIY Pillow

I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I'm sharing our new spring pillows - I love this combo! Normally, I DIY most of my pillows, but this time they were all purchased - I only added trim to the white pom pom pillows.

Even though I didn't DIY everything, it's still budget friendly - read on to see how!

Green Greek Key pillow is Trina Turk - I watched Amazon and got a great deal, around $30 or $40! So make sure to keep an eye on Amazon for a price drop, you never know!

Schumacher Citrus is from Motif pillows. Designer fabric pillows are pricey, but they can make a space! Adding one or two, and supplementing with cheaper pillows is a great way to save money, but still get a high end look. I LOVE this print, the colors are super gorgeous too!

White pom pom pillows are from H&M. I was very impressed with the quality! I added the gray trim (details below, if you're interested) Throw is from Home Goods.

Green maze pillow is from Home Goods, $16.99. The pattern is reminiscent of this Schumacher, Mary McDonald fabric. Last but not least, Diamond pom pom pillow is from H&M (color is natural and black, online it looks a little brown to me). I love how soft this fabric is!

Finally, here's brief tutorial on attaching trim to the front of a pillow. It's SO easy - in a matter of minutes, it transforms a pillow from plain to high end!

1. You will need:

Pillowcase - mine is 20x20 from H&M
Trim - mine is from Joanns, it was on clearance (though it wasn't marked - it was $1 something a yard!) $4 yards for two 20x20 pillows (inset 1.5")
Permanent Fabric glue - I used Fabri Tac
Ruler and Tape for guide

2. Measure where you would like the edge of the trim to end - mine is about 1.5" from the edge. Add tape at all of the corners.

3. Add a little fabric glue to the end of the trim, fold at a 45. Hold it on one of the corners of the tape guide. Pull it straight to the other end of the tape guide, cut a straight line so it meets the guide. Fold the other end at a 45 (make sure they are angled the right way, like a picture frame)

4. Glue the trim down, making sure it lines up with the guide. If you're using a fast dry fabric glue, glue about half way and apply immediately, then finish that section.

So easy!

I'm loving this new combination!! It's amazing how new pillows can make a space feel so refreshed!

I've been working on lots of new things, I'll be sure to share as I'm able! See you soon! :)


  1. loving the mix of citron with neutrals! so pretty and fresh!

  2. Love your great combo Sarah, I've been seeing lots of fun pillows at H&M lately, and the price can't be beat!

  3. How cute! Love this combination!


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