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Friday Five | 04.17.15

Hey!! Did you have a good week? I hope so! Here's what has caught my eye recently!

H&M home, spring pillow collection is amazing!! This one (just $9.95!) reminds me a little of the fabulous, but expensive Orangerie! Ok, it can't really compare, but still, it is reminiscent! 

Normally, this section is solely for home related tips + tricks, but today it's pet oriented. I hope that's ok :) 

I've always been afraid of a pet running out of the house due to a door or window being left open .. sadly that happened this week. Don't worry, this story has a happy ending! (If you just want just tips to finding a lost pet, skip to the final paragraph.) 

First, here's a little info on our Melinda. David and I fed her mom, Meow while in college (yes, we named her that because to call her we could say meow, meow, meow and she would meow so loudly for food) she would come to my house for dinner, we weren't allow to keep cats in the house, but after feeding her a couple of months, she got pregnant (at the time we didn't know what to do .. looking back, we should have gotten her spayed prior to her getting pregnant, but at that time, we weren't positive she wasn't someone's cat) One night, she burst in the house and decided that she was going to give birth there (then we were pretty sure she didn't belong to anyone and she thought that was home) .. Melinda was the last kitten and Meow was too tired to take care of her, so David removed the sack around her and cleared her nose .. we kept Meow and the kittens there for a week and then took them to Maryland at Easter - David's parents graciously offered to take care of them for us while we finished up the year at school (we couldn't have done it without them!!) We found homes for the other kittens and Meow and Melinda went to live with my parents. At first they didn't want two cats, but they quickly changed their minds. That was 8 years ago. Melinda is now my Dad's buddy - they have a nightly routine where Melinda waits on the stairs, they "kiss" through the railing before my Dad goes to bed, and then snuggle on the bed. If you knew my Dad, you would laugh, because he is not a cat/dog person. But, he loves Melinda. 

Melinda at 8 weeks 
Back to present day, my parent's went out of town last week and my aunt and uncle were house/cat sitting. Like most cats, Melinda and Meow love their home and don't like strangers.. We're not sure exactly what happened, but it seems like the door to the garage wasn't closed tightly (you do have to push it a little harder than normal), Melinda came out of hiding and wandered in (she's never been in there) and then got terrified and went into survival mode. My parent's got home and Meow came out, but Melinda didn't (which isn't usual if they've been gone). The next day they were getting concerned since Melinda still hadn't come out. That night, they locked up Meow and put food around the house .. it wasn't touched except, it was gone in the garage. We hoped it was Melinda and not a mouse, etc. So my Dad borrowed a trap from the humane society, set it out and the following night, we found Melinda in it!! We were all SO relieved. She was scared at first, but was quickly back to her old self! 

So here's the tip! Stay calm and think rationally, don't just run all over the house and neighborhood. My Dad found this website that suggested that Melinda (an indoor only cat) was displaced and terrified - nearby, not lost. When they are scared, they won't respond to their owner's voices, food, etc. They are in survival mode - they think staying hidden is the best thing to do! Set out food and water in places you think they would be, place a wildlife camera (takes pictures based on a motion sensor) to see if it's your pet or wildlife (this would have been our next step). We caught Melinda by using a humane trap with tuna and wet cat food inside. Of course, this will vary from situation to situation.. so maybe check the site for other tips. We also contacted all of the local shelters and rescue organizations - posted on their Facebook pages, placed an ad on Craigslist, put flyers in neighbors mailboxes. If someone did pick her up, we wanted them to know where she belonged! 

We are so relived that she is safe and sound and back to her old self! 

Last week, I picked up a new cellphone case from Marshalls for $10! I wish mine was striped, it's just a solid color, but for $10, I'll take it! 

I'm loving this one, it's cute and seems to be made well! 

Looking for inspiration to add some spring to your home? Check out the spring home tours hosted by Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co.

Please pin from original source, here, thanks! 

the white buffalo styling co.
This duvet

and coverlet are everything!! I can't resist pom poms! 

Also, love this tote from West Elm, on sale for $31 - perfect for spring! (add $9 to monogram it!) 

Have a great weekend!! :) 


  1. LOVE those pom poms, too!! and love lindsay's kitchen and can you not show me h&m. i have no need but every want and the price is perfect! ;) happy weekend!

  2. I love your story about Melinda, what a beautiful kitty she was, so I'm sure she is a lovely grown up cat. I wasn't at all surprised that you had a cat named Meow. I will share your story with a friend who has a cat named Meowzer.

    I really like the yellow striped tote. I think I have a similar one around here somewhere in one of my closets. Hope it turns up soon. I've never used it.

  3. Just ordered some of those H&M pillow covers the other day! The perfect floral at the perfect price!!

  4. Those pillow coves are awesome! I'm very very tempted to order some! Thanks for sharing!
    And I'm so glad you guys were able to find Melinda! I've had some very panicked moments when I couldn't find one of our cats!


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