Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Would Sarah Do? Bamboo Headboard

Welcome to another installment of What Would Sarah Do? Today, I'm sharing a bamboo, Chinoiserie headboard found at Habitat Restore. 

I ended up purchasing the matching bamboo nightstands (all pieces were $40 each), but I left the headboard behind .. I'm trying to limit my thrift purchases since we're moving at the end of April. Wish me luck ;)

Funny side note .. the associate who rang me up was trying to talk me into purchasing the headboard too .. he was telling me how avocado green and yellow were really in right now .. and that he just sold a few similar pieces (from his home) to his neighbor who sells things on Etsy. I had to chuckle .. I don't think his neighbor was purchasing it because of the color, I think it was the bamboo ;)

Option 1 - Paint it glossy white. Here's the actual headboard roughly photoshopped into one of my photos.

Or maybe add grasscloth inserts?

This is a very similar headboard - love how KC Interiors paired with the white juju hat!

kc interiors

David instantly thought of trimming off the outside and turning them into mirrors. I LOVE double mirrors!! 

This would be fairly simple - just trim off the side pieces with the jig saw - apply wood filler - sand and paint. Then get a mirror cut to size at a glass shop and glue in the center with mirror adhesive. 

Here's the actual headboard turned into mirrors, roughly photoshopped in one of my photos. 

Here's a few real life (similar) examples.

I love the pop of color on this white wall in Kiki's List guest bedroom makeover - the whole space is stunning!!

via Pinterest - original source not found
via Pinterest - original source not found

If you know of the source for either of the two photos above, let me know and I'll add it.

What would you do? Are you a fan of keeping it as a headboard or turning it into a mirror? I really love both options! 

If you'd like to know what I'd do with a piece, feel free to email a photo to sarahmdorseydesigns{@} with the subject line, what would sarah do? I might include it here next week!


  1. I really like the mirror idea!!! So very much! xo

  2. How about a chinoiserie fabric insert?

  3. wow, love how you get the creative juices flowing!! the double mirrors are definitely a win in my book. thanks for the fun inspiration! xo

  4. I like it with the grass cloth inserted. It really plays nicely with the bamboo texture.

  5. I love the mirrors and would have never thought of that. Great idea!

  6. Aw man! Would've made for rad mirrors! I don't ever think about pulling a piece apart. I'm just not handy like that ;)

  7. they would be pretty stunning picture frames as well...or bulletin boards...or memo boards. love your ideas!


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