Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MCM Sofa Table

Hey! I wanted to share our most recent project - a DIY Mid Century Modern Style sofa table.

I found a set of hair pin legs a few months ago at the thrift shop (attached to a plywood top) - $15 for the set (these are pricey new, so I grabbed them right away!). David built a super simple top out of poplar wood. Adding cubbies to the base - verse a single piece of wood allowed us to get the height that we wanted. I love using poplar because of the unique coloring - ranging from green to purple. We were able to use one board, so the grain of the wood wraps around the entire piece. 

Marble side table here

The baskets were found at Marshalls for just $14.99. Amazing price!! 

I'm still not 100% on the placement of everything, so I'm going to move a few things around and see what I think. Just wanted to share what things looked like now! 

See you soon!!


  1. Looks great! Will you have a tutorial soon?

  2. Love your new table. Perfect for magazines, photo albums, game boards,etc. Those large baskets were a great find. Great colors.

  3. I love the cubbies!! Where do you buy your wood? I don't believe I've seen poplar at Home Depot or Lowes before.. do you go to a lumberyard? Those places intimidate me!

  4. What a great piece, Sarah! I got a couple of those lidded baskets from Home Goods or similar a few years ago and they are MAGIC for containing kids' toys!

  5. Beautiful wood grain and I love the cubbies! Great job you two!

  6. So lovely! That wood grain is beautiful!

  7. Such a simple and stylish idea. Love it

  8. Such a great piece! I love the choice of wood and the extra storage!

  9. Super cute Sarah :) Also love hairpin legs :)


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