Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Marble, Brass Side Table | Before + After

Today I'm sharing perhaps our simplest DIY project yet - a traditional marble side table to a sleek, modern brass and marble side table. (or is it a plant stand??)

Here's the before .. a whole lot of detail going on in such a small space. $15 at the thrift store. The marble was a little stained - rubbing baking soda and letting it sit for a few hours got it all off.

The wood spindles had threaded ends, so we just unscrewed it to remove. We picked up some brass parts, a threaded rod from Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

Here's what we found: Top cap, brass washer (qty 4 packs),  threaded rod (ours was 24" not 36"), brass tube (qty 7), brass nut, brass cap nut

To get started, we drilled the top holes a little larger with a masonry bit - underwater to reduce the risk of the marble cracking. This allowed the top cap to sit flush.

Then we inserted the top nut and the threaded rod from the underside.

A brass washer was placed and then the threaded rod was covered with the brass tube. Note: we did wrap electrical tape around the threaded rod at the top and bottom of where the brass rod sits to make it snug.

We added another washer and repeated the steps.

For the base, we cut the final brass rod in 3" sections with a pipe cutter - added a nut to tighten the whole base up - slipped the threaded rod over and added a brass cap nut to finish it off. We're currently using it on carpet and it is secure, but the top cap (which is flat) could also be used here - there would just be a line at the connection.

Hydrangea and and Ranunculus are my favorite flowers, second only to Peonies!

Total cost was around:

$15 Stand
$30 for Brass parts 


One last before and after.

I looooove it SO much!!

David and I finished this last night after dinner, it only too about an hour or so! Super easy! So look out for those diamonds in the rough at the thrift store - you never know what you'll find!


  1. Okay, I LOVE it! That is a winner for sure.

  2. Beautiful! I've been trying to brainstorm brass table legs for a coffee table I want to make - just searched Ace and they have a larger brass tube size that I think will be absolutely perfect. Thanks for the tip!!

  3. What a great idea! Love the transformation.

  4. Incredible!! It's the perfect transformation! That marble is so beautiful too!

  5. Fantastic idea! Looks incredible

  6. This is one of my favorite DIY's that I've seen you do! You are crazy talented!!! Cheers!

  7. Great idea! Brass and marble is always a winning combination!

  8. Well, what a total transformation, from granny to chic! Love it, Sarah!

  9. SARAH I cannot even handle your clever creations! Fantastic!

  10. I'm so in love with this!! I'm a lover of marble, and this is too perfect. You did a fantastic job with this table!

  11. You two are so good!! Love how your brains work (and the fab table)!! :)

  12. Your version is 1,000x better. It looks incredible. Great transformation!

  13. Sooo chic! You always know how to turn ho-hum items into gold treasures.

  14. Looks so great Sarah! Love the brass update :)

  15. So so beautiful Sarah. You have such a way with bringing out the beauty in things.

  16. looks like it came right out of the pages of a west elm catalog. you could totally manufacture and sell these! i'm serious. lovely job.


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