Monday, December 22, 2014

Mid Century Modern Nightstand

I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I'm sharing one of our latest thrift store makeovers. The other weekend we found a Mengel nightstand at a second hand store for just $15. It isn't in perfect condition, but it is very solid and well built.

This isn't a dramatic transformation, but they don't always have to be! We decided to keep the original wood (and accept the flaws ..) and paint the "stone-look" laminate top.

Top knobs were existing (I just took the pic after I removed them)

For the top, I sanded it with my orbital sander (80 grit then 120 grit) .. if you've sanded laminate you know that it doesn't typically sand well (at all!) So I used my favorite primer, Kilz Adhesion Primer - it's formulated  to stick to glossy surfaces. (I always sand before (even on wood) just so it's extra durable) It goes on super smooth, sticks well, covers well, and it's easy to sand smooth. The texture kinda feels like chalk paint.

I taped off the nightstand, below the top, and applied two coats of the bonding primer, lightly sanding with a fine 3M sanding block between coats and wiped off all dust with a micro fiber cloth (this will help get a smooth finish). Then I applied two coats of Rustoleum Glossy Oil based white paint (see my tips for using oil based paint here)

To refresh the wood, I used Restore A Finish. I liked it and would definitely use it again! (though I will say it's not as dramatic as the image on the front shows! It is much more subtle)

You can see below, (left is where it was applied) that it subtly fills in crevices where the stain has faded.

That's it! We were originally going to use this nightstand in our TN rental, but since we only have one .. and we couldn't find a second that would compliment it, we're using these (they've just been painted!!)

The bottom flips up and slides in for storage underneath.

Remember those lamps that I posted about a few weeks ago? I went back to Ross and they were still there, on sale for $17 each!

Large clamshell was thrifted for $3!

Oh You print is from Pottery Barn, Turkish towel and teal pillow are from Marshalls, and Black and White pillow is Marrimekko from Crate and Barrel (a few years ago). Leather Tote DIY, here

I'm working on finishing up our TN bedroom for the New Year, so LOTS of new projects and DIYS soon!

I'm taking some time off for Christmas, I'll be back around the New Year! I hope that you have a great holiday, spent with loved ones!! Merry Christmas!! :)


  1. i love the new painted top and agree- they don't always have to be dramatic! sometimes the best makeovers are just improvements to their current look.

  2. It is a really really beautiful piece and I agree transformations don't always have to be dramatic to be gorgeous. Merry Chrismtas

  3. I LOVE those nightstands! You really brought them back from the dead with simple touches. We still don't have night stands in our new house yet, and it's driving me insane. I haven't found the right pieces yet. But this pregnancy is killing my back, and I can't bend and grab things off the floor very easily, so Aaron brought a barstool to set next to my side of the bed. It definitely has the ghetto vibe up in here haha.

  4. Cutest Nightstands......I just love those little handles.

  5. Even for being a "simple makeover," I still feel like I'd be incredibly overwhelmed. I bow down to your awesomeness. Merry Christmas!

  6. I love the shiny white top against the wood. Looks great!

  7. I've used Restor-a-finish for lot of different things. Such a great tool to have in the closet! Love how this turned out. And those lamps are awesome!! I need some new ones for my daughter's room, wonder if I could still track them down!

  8. where do you find that Kilz adhesion primer?? I've searched all over....


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