Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts | DIY Pet Bed

Hey! Today I'm sharing a DIY Christmas gift - a pet bed - perfect for any pet owner in your life!

Love her expression in this photo!

To get started, you will need:

1.5 yard of fabric (I used Nate Berkus)
Fuzzy throw (I found one at Wal-Mart for $5 or $6, cheaper than buying it by the yard!)
1" foam (about 14" round piece)
Sewing machine

(I added a few measurements as I went, Annabelle weighs 21 lbs)

First, flip you fabric over and draw a circle with a pencil or a disappearing ink pen on the back side. I marked the center and used a measuring tape to draw the radius (my circle was 40", so the radius was 20") I just marked small dashes and then connected the dots.

Then I cut it out with scissors.

Then I repeated with the fuzzy fabric, cut a circle of foam (16" circle) (I actually cut and glued two scraps of foam together so I wouldn't have to cut a new piece) I layered the foam with a piece of batting  to cover the seam.

Then I layered the fuzzy fabric on top and pinned around the foam to hold it in place. With the zipper foot on the sewing machine (so it could get closer to the foam) I sewed around the foam circle (removing the pins as I went)

Then I added a ring of poly-fill batting around the foam circle. I loosely pinned the batting in place.

Then I sewed around the outside (removing the pins as I went).

Then I repeated for a second ring.

I cut a long strip of fleece (to go around the outside of the bed with extra to tie). (Though I would recommend something a little stronger than fleece, there is a good bit of tension when the bed is pulled tight).

I layered it around the outside.

I folded the fabric up and hand stitched to close (be sure to not sew the tie). I left an opening (~3" for the tie to come out).

To finish, I added a few subtle tufts (just by sewing through the bottom of the circle) with upholstery thread. This should help keep the round section from flipping in the wash (an issue that I've had with other beds).

Pull the tie tight and tie. That's it!

Full disclosure, My sewing skills are limited - I did have issues with the fabric bunching up in places, working with bulkier things is more difficult .. but once it's tied, you don't really notice it.

Annabelle enjoys beds with side walls! Adding a third row to make it even taller would have been great too!

I hope you'll give it a try!


  1. it looks so cozy and good that i want to snuggle up there!

  2. So cute! a perfect holiday gift for the pup!

    x Lily

  3. what kind of dog is Annabelle? She's so cute!

    1. We think she's a beagle / jack russell mix! :)


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