Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Where we're living + my thoughts on the past year

This post has been a long time coming .. honestly, I've been kinda avoiding it. But when I met a few of my favorite bloggers at the BHG Stylemaker event, and realized that no one knows where we're living .. it was time for an update!

First, why we move .. more info here. But in general, David works for a global construction company - which is project based, so we move to where the project is .. it can be several years, or short term, like 6 months depending on the project.

So, why was I avoiding it?

1. It's slightly embarrassing

We've moved 4 times in the past year (and bought a house that we're not living in ..) so really kinda 5 times. We moved twice for work (Ohio and Tennessee) and two more times (same cities) Moving 4 times in one year is typically not the norm .. unfortunately we had issues with the first place we lived (in both cities) and had to move again .. it's been a draining year :/

 2. I don't want to seem like I'm complaining

In the grand scheme of things, I know that we are very blessed. We can support ourselves financially, we have a roof over our heads and we have an amazingly supportive family and network of friends. Remembering these things have really helped us through this year!! So I just want to say that up front,  We are blessed!!

So, where are we living?

Tennessee and Maryland

We're in Tennessee for David's work, so we're there most of the time. We go to our home in Maryland a few times a month (it's an 8 hour drive each way, so that's been wearing on us.. we'll be traveling less in the next few months)

Why do we have a house that we don't live in full time?

We purchased a home for our permanent home base .. it's a short drive from both of our parents, so they help us maintain it when we're not there (that's been a blessing!!) We wanted to put down roots, continue building up equity, and have a place to plant my peonies (which we just did! :)

How I'm feeling ..

The reality is, the past year has been hard for me. You know that unsettled feeling in between moving .. that's the way I've felt for the past year. It's hard to maintain what I'm doing - when I don't have all of my supplies (for short term projects, only a limited weight to move is covered) DIYing takes up a good bit of space and tools/furniture/styling supplies. Don't get me wrong, I've loved the projects that we've done over the past year, but producing those projects has been more difficult than they should be, due to disorganization, not having all our tools and traveling a lot.

What are my plans for the next few months?

I have BIG ideas and plans but our current living situation doesn't allow us to complete them .. so I feel a little stagnate now. I've spent the last few weeks, thinking about what is possible with our current living situation (undertaking full kitchen and bath renos is just not possible while we're not in Maryland full time) In the next few months, for our MD house, we'll be working on our house, but not completing rooms .. we'll be working on painting (hiring out some of it) and refinishing the hardwood floors (maybe hiring out?) Since we're in TN longer than anticipated (originally just 6 months, which would have been Sept.) I'm planning to put together a mini apartment tour, so I'll be putting the finishing touches on our place in TN. Originally, I wasn't planning a home tour since we were only going to be here 6 months, but I'm tired of waiting .. we will be here at least through February, so stay tuned!

What's my outlook on the next year?


I believe that having an established, organized home is essential to cultivate creativity and motivation! So that's what we're working towards!

Next time we move, we want to be settled for at least 2 years (preferably our MD home), but right now, we don't know if that will be possible .. we will see.

I was hoping to share news about what the next year or two will bring for us .. but right now I don't know. I'll be sure to share when we know!

So, in summary, I LOVE what I'm doing .. and it is a blessing to be able to pick it up and take it wherever we go. We'd love to be settled (which will allow us to take on bigger and better projects) so that's what we're working towards! Thanks so much for your daily support, it really means SO SO much to both David and I!


  1. What a journey you two are on, hopefully you can get yourselves back to MD and building your dreams. We are no where near in this same position as you are but as my husband is looking for jobs we are not able to buy a home and continue to rent because most of the jobs in his field he would need to live extremely close (wild life management) so we are at a toss up because I really want to buy our first home but we have to keep in the front of my minds that if he gets a job somewhere else we will have to move. None of this is fun but I guess we just need to be thankful that we are together. I cannot wait to see your apartment tour!!!

  2. You're amazing. I'm impressed with your attitude about it. I am so unsettled right now in our rental and I hate it! You make wherever you're living beautiful! Love and miss you, friend!

  3. Sarah I love following along on your adventures wherever you are. Thanks for the great update - and for the honesty. It's great to hear where you are in life.

    You're always the first blog I check when I sign on to BlogLovin - you have such great ideas and insights and I love how you write it all out. Thank you for the work you do here, you help me make my house a prettier place and I SO appreciate it.

  4. i am just glad you come here sometimes. ;) but i know how you feel and i with you guys all the best so you can feel settled sooner rather than later.

  5. I truly can't imagine all the traveling and how you still manage to knock out amazing projects.

  6. Oh Sarah I SO feel for you. While living in Hollywood, we bought our dream home (which needed major renovating) in 2012 in Santa Ynez (just south of San Luis Obispo). Shortly thereafter, my husband went to Vancouver to work on a movie for 8 months. I was flying to see him and driving between our two houses, trying to make headway on packing one and fixing up the other. It was exhausting. And I only had a 2 hour drive! I can only imagine what it's like for you to have to go 8 hours. And it's so hard when you have so many ideas and you can't execute them! Thank you for continuing to post and dazzle us with what you ARE able to get done. Hang in there!!

  7. I really feel your pain having done essentially the same thing several years ago. We Ping-Ponged back and forth between homes in Denver and in central Mexico and Texas caring for seriously ill family members. For several years I never felt at home anywhere even though we were blessed to have the means to support multiple households in different countries. You are blessed with a terrific husband, caring family and a lively and brillant talent for decorating and diy. You amaze me with your creativity. As others have said, hang in there. This too will pass.

  8. I was very curious about you living situation. I look forward to your posts every day :) You inspire me all the time even with all that moving around. Now that I got a glimpse of what your going through i truly admire you. You are amazing!

  9. I can only imagine how much this would wear me down. You always seem to bring beauty wherever you are, though! But I know that can be staged when behind the camera you're feeling fried and disjointed. So hope you guys get some direction soon. Sometimes just having that next step or light at the end of the tunnel helps :)

  10. This really cleared up a lot of the questions I had :) Now I get it. I think it is such a smart idea to create a base close to family.

  11. Don't be embarrassed! Honestly, in a world of permanent bloggers, I really enjoy seeing how you buy/build pieces that a) can be moved (or won't be moved), and b) fit different spaces/decors. We moved from our hometown (and a house) to an apartment, and now back to a house, knowing we'll be moving again in a few years. Your situation gives me a lot of perspective on how and where to invest knowing that I won't be stationary for the next 5-8 years! I think it's a strength you have, and you'd do well to play it up and reach a whole segment of the market out there like me :)

  12. Sarah, this was a great catch up post. So much moving of course is bound to be difficult at times but how cool you get to do makeovers and changes to so many spaces where you live. You bring such beauty and creative energy to each space you live in. Thanks for sharing. Also, I LOVE your pictures of your MD home. I really hope we can meet up sometime when you settle down in MD.

  13. And to think I was a bit envious of you moving all around and finding such fabulous thrifting options! I am amazed at what you accomplish whether in MD or in your temporary digs. Thanks for sharing this post.

  14. I appreciate you writing this post-- thank you! I hope you are able to feel more settled soon :). Your projects and ideas are always amazing.

  15. I have been wondering where you are living. You are seriously my hero. We moved twice in one year and I about died. We are now starting to feel much more settled but I must admit I can't wait to get my hands on a home where I can actually renovate when we are not renting. You always makes your spaces look amazing and it is so so inspiring. Keep it up. You rock!

  16. Oh my gosh Sarah I can't imagine the stress of that! Having a better understanding of that truly makes what you share with the world that much more amazing!! Love you and your ideas! 😘

  17. Wow, what a stressful year this must've been for you. Your ability to keep up with everything you do despite all those moves is mind-boggling! We just moved for the third time in three years, and I thought that was bad. LOL! I totally get the frustration of trying to complete projects without materials and tools - we did a partial move this time and every day I think of some little thing I need that is still at the other house. I'm completely inspired by your ability to create so much beauty in the middle of what must often feel like chaos! You're amazing! xo


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