Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Five | 10.31.14

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I've been looking for a large rug for our bedroom for a little bit. This week I found this beauty on Overstock .. I've found that they have a good selection and their prices are pretty competitive, especially for a designer rug. Also check your local Home Goods, you can typically find an 8x10 rug for $300-$400!

How great is this bookcase by Camille Styles!? Want to replicate in your home? Try organizing your books by color, mix in boxes of a similar hue in a variety of shades, add in decorative objects in a variety of finishes, shapes, and scale. Finally, add in a little life with small textural plants! 

via camille styles

The other weekend we found a vintage tulip table at a consignment shop .. I was so excited, but when I walked over I saw the dreaded sold sign :( 

Ikea sells a knock off version, but $199 seems a little high for Ikea (or maybe I'm just cheap) .. I'll keep looking, hopefully I'll find a vintage one soon!! 
via ikea

Love this DIY watercolor stencil tutorial by p.s. heart!! I'd love to give this a try! 

via ps heart

LOVE this print from Britt Bass Turner!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!! :) 


  1. Not cheap...just smart! I'm totally with you! Love these finds! That watercolor is beautiful!

  2. oooh love that rug!! what a good pattern.

  3. I love the table too, but like you think 199. for the Ikea one is a little pricey. I am so going to do that stencil watercolor deer project. I can't have too many "deers".. As a little tongue in cheek humor I think it would look good framed next to your free Arrow print. Unfortunately I do have relatives who have hunted deer with bow and arrow. But not me..NO. The deer horns I have are all faux.

  4. I love my ikea tulip table. I had been looking at it for a long time and like you I thought $199 was a tad too much. I was lucky enough to find one in practically new condition on CL for $75! Its still one of my fav finds to date.

  5. That's one of my favorite prints. It's so pretty

  6. years ago, i found a tulip table in a thrift store. it was something like $5.99 and had a hideous piece of plywood screwed in to the top. i asked the thrift store owner if i could just buy the base and remove the top and he said yes. ha! i sprayed it white and will probably keep it forever. it weighs like 100 pounds! keep your eyes peeled and you'll find one!

    1. oh... and incase it wasn't obvious, i replaced the top with something else. that something else being a small round table top i found on top of another table, from another thrift shop. :)

  7. I love that print much that I have it!

  8. Camille's shelving is so wonderful - and I love that print!


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