Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five | 10.10.14

Hey! Did you have a good week? I hope so! Here are a few things that have made me smile this week :)

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Have you seen the Stocksund Sofa from Ikea!?!? Look at those rolled arms! I want to check it out this weekend .. $599! 

via apartment therapy 

Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl is posting 31 days of everyday home fixes in the month of October! Get inspired to tackle some of those "to do" list items yourself! 

via pretty handy girl

Finding the perfect ampersand can be tricky .. Rachel Bonness rounded up her top ten favorite free ampersands!! 

I recently found this image from an archive issue of Matchbook. How amazing is this office space!? I love the dark walls contrasted by the bright pink juju hat. The pops of green and white balance it perfectly! 

via matchbook

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West Elm Campaign dresser. Campaign furniture has been making a comeback with DIYers and furniture producers. If you don't want to refinish your own, maybe one from this collection is for you! LOVE the base on this one!!  

Hope you have an amazing weekend!! We'll be working full force on our MD living room and Home Depot  Holiday Style Challenge!! Make sure to catch sneak peeks on instagram


  1. That is the first time I'm seeing this West Elm collection. How amazing.
    And I'm actually heading to Ikea right now. Have to check out the sofa too

  2. Oh, that office is divine! And, you're so right about the good &! I've searched through so many for my blog. These are great!

  3. OMG that sofa, its the best new thing Ikea has for sure. How do I convince my husband we need to downsize our redic sofa to this one? and why do they advertise a gorgeous coral color but only offer it online in black and beige? haha.

  4. Please let us know what you think of the sofa!

    This --> "and why do they advertise a gorgeous coral color but only offer it online in black and beige?"

    1. Maybe could coral is offered somewhere internationally? I hope it comes to the US soon!!

  5. Ha - love the ampersand roundup! It IS hard to find the perfect one - it seems like beautiful fonts never have beautiful ampersands :)


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