Friday, September 26, 2014

Blogger Stylin' Home Tour | DIY Starburst Mirror

I'm so honored to be participating in the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours Fall 2014, thanks so much to Lindsay for organizing it and inviting me! If you're stopping by from Eleven Gables, welcome! I'm so glad that you're here!

We don't have a current home tour, so I decided to include a DIY project tutorial (after all, I LOVE DIY)!

When I think of fall, I think of candlelight, rustic texture, and metallics, so I created a vignette above my campaign dresser.

I know that DIY starburst mirrors have been around for a while, but I've never tried one, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity!

The uneven, imperfect bamboo gives it the perfect (slightly) rustic fall touch!

Here's how I did it.


12" round mirror (found at Michaels)
Bamboo (5' packs (6 per pack) qty 3) (found at Home Depot)
E6000 Glue
Gold Spray Paint
Mirror Adhesive

First, I traced my 12" round mirror with a pencil, then I drew a circle about two inches larger and cut both out. The outer ring to is glue the bamboo, the inner ring is glued to the mirror. The surface of the ring sits flush with the mirror, so that the bamboo overlap the face of the mirror.

Then, I glued the mirror in place with mirror adhesive.

I cut bamboo at random lengths (about 4" - 10") with the jigsaw. The chop saw would have been preferable, but ours is currently at our Maryland house ..

Then I started gluing the pieces in place with all purpose adhesive. Something clear but thick, like E6000 would have been preferable.

I created a paper template measuring 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" away from the edge and varied the amount inset, but it still has a uniform look. Since the bamboo sits above the floor, I braced it with extra cork and magazines that I had laying around the house.

Once dry, I gave it a few light coats of Montana Gold spray paint - Gold Chrome.

Finally, once the spray paint dried, I glued a thin piece of plywood to the back to connect the two rings and attached hanging hardware.

The candlelight feels extra cozy and fallish! I love how the light reflects!

Total Cost:

Mirror: $2.50 (with 60% off coupon at Micheals)
Bamboo: $6.00
Plywood and Adhesive on hand, but would cost around $15
Spray paint: $6.00

Under $20!! Not bad for a custom mirror!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't forget to head over to This, That & Life to finish up the tour!!


  1. love the vignette- the dresser and the mirror! gorgeous!

  2. Love your mirror Sarah ~ thanks for sharing!!

  3. Gorgeous and festive with the candles. Love it!

  4. Love this DIY mirror and it doesn't look DIY at all! (I would have never known :) ) I love the candles too! Nice change!

  5. Sarah! it's beautiful!! I could totally use this guy in our guest bath!!

  6. love it! I think I might even HAVE some Home Depot bamboo like that hanging out in my garage. hmm....

  7. I love the rustic feel of this mirror, Sarah! And, I have a friend with scads of bamboo in their yard...might have to snag a few pieces. Can we just talk about how much I love that lantern too? Great, doable tutorial!

  8. Gorgeous mirror! I love that you varied the inset of the bamboo, so clever!

  9. The vignette is beautiful - love how you used bamboo on the mirror! Can't ever have enough bamboo!

  10. Love how the candlelight makes the gold shine. So pretty!

  11. Such a simple and beautiful idea! It shimmers so beautifully in the candlelight!

  12. I love how the bamboo gives it a bit of texture texture instead of using dowels. As always, you have fabulous ideas!

  13. Love it - the power of spray paint strikes again!

  14. I am So much wound up with your plan. Creating diy project is not easy that I know but you shown fabulous diy with custom mirrors. I am looking for your next posts.


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