Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BHG Stylemaker Challenge | Voting and Video

The BHG Stylemaker Challenge is live and voting is open! Make sure to check out all of the projects and vote! (all images are still shots from the video)

The challenge included designing a 4' wide gallery space - in 5 hours, with limited tools (no nails or screws!?) and a video team documenting it. No pressure! ;)  I had to go to plan C when plan A & B didn't work!! But in the end, I'm SO happy with how it turned out!

There are a few videos, so you can learn a little more about me and how I pulled my gallery wall together.

I'm SO happy that I got the opportunity to meet and work alongside Jen and Stacy - they are both amazing!!

Thanks SO much to the BHG video production team for inviting me! They were super easy to work with - so professional, knowledgeable and FUN!!

Don't forget to head over, watch the videos and VOTE!! :) Voting will be open till this Sunday!


  1. Love yours Sarah!! Voted! You did such a great job on the video! You're a natural!

  2. Watched and voted! You did great and hooray for Command strips!

  3. Loved the videos and your wall! Heading to vote now :)

  4. Yikes! I was nervous for your shelves for a minute, but it all came together SO great! What fun!


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