Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Weekend + Project Updates

Hi! I hope that you had a great weekend!! Ours was good - full of yard sales/thrifting, the pool and projects!

Friday we went to the longest yard sale from Crossville, TN to Chattanooga, TN. I was SO excited .. unfortunately we didn't get anything :( I have a basement full of finds, so I was trying to be more selective.. This old PO Box was pretty neat though!

Saturday we went thrifting, to the pool and worked on projects. This week, a local reader emailed me about thrifting and I got to thinking .. I go often, but I rarely find anything, so why not try something new. David mentioned trying a new area, and it was great! We found books for .50 each!! and a headboard.

(Don't mind the wires .. we're still setting things up!)

Our new place has a pool in the community - love having a pool when we're not near the ocean!

We're almost done with these chairs (finally!) We've done a lot of upholstery and plan to do a good bit more, so we decided to upgrade our tools. We got a small portable compressor and this staple gun, total it was about $250, but SO worth it! You just pull the trigger and the staple goes in perfectly .. no pushing hard or pulling and re stapling. David's first job was working at a neighbor's carpentry shop - there he used several different staple/nail guns and his favorite was Bostitich, so we decided to go with that brand. We love it, but I will warn you, it doesn't have a safety (push down, front compresses and pull the trigger) You just place and pull the trigger... there were a few stray staples, but no injuries to report (except when David stepped on the xacto knife, whoops! Learn from us, put sharp things off of the ground!!) After a couple stray staples, we were then very mindful about placing it away from us when we set it down and being careful not to hit the trigger when we picked it up.

This is the project corner of our place (really the dining room) We have three projects going on now (chairs, headboard, and bench) hopefully, I'll have a few projects to show you soon!

We're currently working on projects to finish our MD living room (we need to be done by the fall), so we'll be very busy in the next few weeks!!


p.s. Today, I'm honored to be at the amazing SAS Interiors, make sure to stop by and say hi!!


  1. That staple gun is on my christmas list - good to hear you love it. Can't wait to see how the chairs turned out!

  2. how fun that you got to go to the longest yard sale! even if you didn't get anything- great experience!

  3. Busy, busy! That tool looks like it would make upholstery work a lot easier! I have two chairs back home awaiting a makeover...I might need the deets on that thing! xoxo

  4. I've always wanted to go to that yard sale! That tool looks like it would make things much easier too! I might add that to my list :)


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