Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Entry Gallery Wall | Hump Day Giveaway | Free Downloads

Hi! Happy Hump Day! Today I'm sharing a little more info about the gallery wall for our entry.

Everything was DIYed except the D and S metal letters, which are from Pottery Barn. Love them!! They definitely make the gallery wall!

I love the size and thickness, the quality was also nice. For the ampersand, we glued left over driftwood to a thin piece of plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw.

A few week's ago, I photographed a few succulents - love the natural/organic element that it adds.

I recreated this amazing For Like Ever print and adjusted the proportions so it would work with my 16x20 frame.

The gold leaf Dorsey, was a DIY from a year or so ago, tutorial here

Using Sarah Swanson's $10 gallery wall prints as inspiration, I created a simple watercolor. If you're looking for affordable gallery wall prints, make sure to check out Sarah's Etsy shop, amazing selection!!

Here's a full list of the sources:

Smile (5x7), Hello (8.5x11), and Succulent (8x10) (created by me) available for free download HERE 

For Like Ever (created by me, original design and print available here) Out of respect for the artist, I won't be offering a download of the print.

Metal Letters | Pottery Barn silver and bronze

Driftwood ampersand (created by David and I) from left over driftwood 

Watercolor (created by me) purchase your own at Sarah Swanson Gallery Wall shop

Flamingo (created by me) free download here, BeYouTiful (created by me) free download here

Gold Leaf print (created by me) tutorial here

p.s. Since my printer isn't working - I got all of my prints done at Staples. Looking online, "photo enlargements" was the cheapest option for larger color prints. I believe 16x20 was $10, total for all the prints was under $20. The print quality was nice!

I hope that you're having a great week! I'll be back tomorrow to talk about a few more details for our entry!

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