Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mid Century Modern Vanity | Adding Custom Legs

Hey! Happy Monday! Over the weekend we finished our latest project and I'm in love! p.s. I'll be back later today with a second post, make sure to come back! 

The other weekend, David found this Mid Century Modern vanity / desk at Goodwill for $25, it was buried and I walked right by it .. so glad that he spotted it! (sorry I forgot to take a better before photo!)

It was missing the legs and the wood veneer was pretty rough. I was hoping to leave it wood, but the damage was too extensive .. the veneer was dry and chipped even more once I sanded. I was hoping to find wood filler that would be a good match, but it wasn't right (upper right photo). So I decided to leave the front wood and paint the outside white.

I love the white and wood combo!

But lets talk about the real star, the amazing legs!

Inspired by West Elm's Parker table, David rocked it again and figured out the tricky angles (our first set of custom legs, here). Due to the complexity and a lot of figuring it out as we went, this won't be a full tutorial, but about our process.

The base is constructed of South Carolina oak. Years ago, after a storm, my Grandfather brought in a portable mill to mill several trees after a storm.

First, David ripped the board down to remove the rough edges. Then David cut the bottom section of the leg, since it's wider at the top and skinner at the bottom, we attached it (on an angle) to another piece of wood with screws and cut it on the table saw.

I routered the edges with an 1/8" bit. then we attached the top section with wood glue and screws going through both pieces of wood.

Center supports were added and the entire piece was attached to the desk with screws.

To match the top, I primed (Kilz Adhesion Primer) and then painted with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic in Alabaster. The wood veneer was sanded and waxed with Briwax, clear.

I LOVE the original circle pulls .. I made a quick gif to show you how the open .. aren't they cool!?

47vxRI on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


The top flips up to a vanity (it was covered in stickers, which I removed with Goo Gone) 

The ceiling is looking very orange in this photo ..

If you've been reading my blog for a while, than you know that I love accessorizing with fresh flowers. I love the color, texture, and shape that they add - I think they make a home smile :) I was recently introduced to Bouqs - an online flower source. When asked if I'd like to review flowers, I instantly said yes! I went with Dawn - they come straight from the side of a volcano in South America, pretty neat, huh?

I took these photos 5 days after they arrived and they look just as good as they did on day 1. This would have been a great option for that LONG winter in Ohio, I definitely tried and failed to find nice flowers locally..

I picked up these brass pineapples the other weekend at the flea market, aren't they perfect!? I ran towards them!

One last before ..

and after.

Obsessed with those legs!! I think they are perfection - don't they look like they've always been there?

Make sure to stop by later today for a second post, I'll be sharing something new about me .. and yes, it's a little embarrassing! You won't want to miss it! 

p.s. Don't forget to enter last week's giveaway for the pendant in my entry! 


  1. it's amazing! it looks straight out of west elm in their west elm we're going back to mcm way. it's a good thing. :)

  2. You guys are the best with adding legs. Seriously looks amazing.

  3. You guys are seriously amazing!

  4. Wow, this is such a great idea. I also adore the frame above the table!

    x Lily

  5. You never cease to amaze me! It looks like a brand new piece of furniture!

  6. I love this piece, what a super find and a great makeover.

  7. This is amaaaazing! I need one! :)

  8. That is the ultimate Goodwill treasure! And the circle "knobs"!

  9. Holy cow! It's amazing - paint, legs, pulls and all. Love how you styled the photo too! Care to share where you got the rug? Love that too.

  10. Y'all killed it again! The legs make all the difference!

  11. Sarah - you're furniture makeovers get me every.single.time. You guys are just an amazing duo - and you're styling takes it over the top. Awesome job :)

  12. Sarah, you should design furniture. I'd totally buy something from you. I LOVE your changes!! Such an amazing piece.

  13. Oh my goodness Sarah, this is an AMAZING transformation!!!!! I love everything you did here. Your styling is also fantastic. Those legs. Va-va-voom... Totally done right!!!

  14. oh, wow--those legs are seriously impressive! And what a cool piece--esp. those pulls! Also, I have a pineapple just like the smaller one, but mine is silver instead of brass :(. I guess maybe there's still a place for silver in the world....(although where in my house I haven't figured out yet....)

  15. Love your photography! Funny enough, I am designing a product line for my community farmer's market that included legs in that style, too. :) I didn't realize it was a west elm design, so it looks like I need to make some changes. Love what you both accomplish together!

  16. WOW! that is one of the best makeovers I've seen in a long time! Stunning. Love everything about it. I'm new to your blog and if this is any indication I can't wait to see more! :)

  17. Holy cow…. AHmazeballs! Those little circle pulls are rad.


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