Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five

World Market has an amazing selection of unique affordably priced home decor items .. they also stock everyday items such as unique food and kitchen stuff too!

We recently got a driver and it is ah-mazing, seriously, it makes installing screws SO much easier and faster! It's compact and light weight .. Also, bits are super easy to change, you just push it in and out. We have this one. Put it on your Christmas list! 

The other week, I found this Kate Spade tote at TJ Maxx for $40! You never know what you'll find there, I love the hunt! P.S. shoe recommendation thanks to A Thoughtful Place, unfortunately they are no longer available, but check out Courtney's other recommendations she is spot on .. she said these feel just like slippers, and they do (I'm picky when it comes to flats)!! 

I'm crazy for this hexagon tile floor by Gwen! Would you believe that they were individually laid out by hand!? Amazing!! Please pin from original source, here. Thanks!

West Elm Waldorf Coffee Table - look at those legs!! LOVE!!

Pottery Barn Oh You print - so bright and happy!! 

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This is the third weekend in a row that we've been traveling .. a little exhausted, but after this busy weekend, we should have a little time to relax! Hope you have an amazing weekend!! 


  1. fun finds! i love the oh you print and hello emerald chair, hello.

  2. So love that PB print! Happy, happy!

  3. Great stuff! I just love Gwen's bathroom floor! So sad she didn't get to enjoy it more, but I'm sure whatever she does in her next home will be even more amazing.

  4. I just pinned that floor tile yesterday! I thought that pattern would look great when placed/trimmed out to look like a rug detail or focal point. Hex tiles individually laid- may have to rethink that one. Wow!

  5. You're so sweet, thanks for the love! And I'm actaully headed to World Market later today to check out all of the great new stuff people keep posting about!


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