Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Recent Thrifting + Craigslist Finds

Hey! I hope that you had a great weekend! We worked on #projectentry .. more on that a little later, but we made progress!!

Today I want to talk a little about my recent thrifting and Craigslist finds.

David and I went to Florida on vacation a few weeks ago and also did a little thrifting .. we had big hopes to find something amazing and all we found was a pair of brass duck book ends and a triangle display box (seen in this post). So our truck came back empty .. then, when we came back to Knoxville we found TONS.

So, my number one tip if you're starting thrifting is, don't give up! It takes persistence, and you strike out more than you score .. See my other thrifting tips, here

Here's what we've found recently.

1. A goodwill just opened near me .. we went opening morning (there were news cameras, embarrassing since I basically just rolled out of bed) but look at what I found!!

It pays to get there early! The diving helmet is actually an ice bucket, it's missing the top, but at a $1 I figured I could use it as a planter or find/make a top. The brass duck bookend is an exact match for the pair that I got in Florida .. The smaller items were .50 - $1.00, the bench was $12, the brass lamps were $8 and the foo dog lamp was $5.

2. We found a Campaign set on Craigslist. The quality was pretty good (brand Bernhardt).. I wish the hardware was brass, but thats ok .. $160 for the set (hutch tops are removable)

I took the pic as the sun was going down .. so David had some fun with the slow shutter speed.

3. Last weekend we went to a vintage fair in Knoxville, we found an elongated octagon mirror, a carved wood ball (seen in this post) and a expandable rack (not sure what the original purpose was, thoughts?) $27 for everything.

4. In Maryland, we found this Dyrlund desk/vanity top (top section flips up to a mirror) (legs were missing) How cool are those circle pulls!? The condition is pretty rough, my first thought was paint, but once we found out that it was a MCM Danish piece, we're definitely going to try to refinish it, the condition will never be perfect, but thats ok.

My grandmother wants a desk, so if it turns out, I'm planning to give it to her! :)

p.s. here's the dress that I posted about Friday, pretty good for $11.99!!

I hope that you have a great week! I'll be getting caught up on some projects, blog stuff and things around the house .. love going to Maryland for the weekend, but I get behind!!


  1. Amazing finds! And I know you two will take good care of them and bring them all back to life!

  2. Super great finds! I love when I find things like that duck that match perfectly something I got somewhere else at some other time... always feels like serendipity! :P Also WOW incredible score on those Campaign dressers :O Since you mention that the hutches are removable, are you planning on using them as hutches? Use as desks or repurpose into something else...? :) Also what about that hardware -- keep it silver or make it brass somehow? So curious!

    1. Hi Shanti! I haven't decided about the hutches .. in person, the desk hutch feels out of balance to me .. it should be a little short, so we will probably make it shorter or remove/repurpose. I prefer the campaign dresser without the hutch, so that will most likely be removed/repurposed. I've been looking into brass plating, so we might do that if it seems durable! :)

  3. I'm so jealous of the $5 foo dog lamp! You scored!

  4. Wow, that campaign set is awesome!
    You get lucky all the time!

  5. OMG the campaign set is AMAZING!!!!!!! Lucky you!
    The expandable rack would work well for scarves, jackets, coffee mugs, necklaces, etc. My guess is the original use would have been in the kitchen?

  6. That campaign set is so fabulous! You could easily change out the hardware too!

  7. oooh love the dress and desk piece! and that bench- amazing!

  8. Great finds!! I think I have that same dress in navy from Ross. It's one of my favorites too!

  9. Love that desk! It would make a cool floating entryway table...kinda like this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/103208756/floating-console-table-white-oak-shelf?ref=favs_view_3&atr_uid=15131593

  10. Omg that campaign set is to die for!! Love that bench too! So much goodness:)

  11. Nice finds! Painting the campaign set....or leaving? Inquiring mnds??

  12. LOVE the necklace-where is that from?!


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