Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Affordable Finds | Accent Chairs

Today I'm continuing the mini series, affordable finds with accent chairs! I didn't have a free printable prepared for today, so rather than just making one to make one verse making one when I'm inspired, I'll hold off this week. K? :) Looking for a free printable? click here

I have a slight addiction for accent chairs. I think because we've moved so much recently - it's an easy way to change a space and they're light and easy to move.

carlisle dining chairs great for mixing in at a dining table // ghost chair (side chair version here) I love these in an office! // wishbone style chair a great classic shape! // eames style arm chair (side chair version here) I love my eames chairs, but they can be expensive or time consuming to refurbish, these have a great price point  // white + wood barstool  love the wood top // // bertoia style chair I love these mixed in at a dining table!

So what's your favorite? Did I miss any good ones?

Danielle Oakey recently posted a great round up of accent tables under $100, check out her picks here

Check out my other affordable finds, here!

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  1. I love all those chairs!! And thanks for the mention, you are the sweetest!

  2. I don't think I will ever grow tired of my ghost chair. Love it so much

  3. Those ghost chairs always have my heart and I'm going to find a place for one soon!!!

  4. oh, some of my faves...the ghost, the wishbone, and the eames style :)


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