Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Five | Safavieh, Shoot Fly Shoot, My fav dessert + more!

I hope that you had a good week and were out of the crazy weather. Praying for our neighbors down south!

Today I'm sharing a few things that have caught my eye this week! *links contain affiliate links 

Have you all checked out the Safavieh line at Target!? Oh my goodness, so much amazingness going on!

Safavieh Mystic Ottoman x-leg benches are one of the most difficult and time consuming DIYs, $175 is tempting! // Safavieh Kerri Accent Table they had me at faux bamboo // Safavieh Siphora Ottoman the tan is versatile so you can easily change up the other fabrics and the round shape contrasts rectangular sofas nicely // Safavieh Nadar Runner I love the simple graphic pattern! // Safavieh Double Coin Stool love the openness // Safavieh Parker Table Lamp fun pattern and color, check out I Heart Organizing DIY version here

I had a general understanding of photography when I started blogging, but I really didn't know how to use my camera in manual mode. I'm a visual learner, so reading about it didn't work for me.. I took Shoot Fly Shoot's photography 101 class and everything clicked!  The videos that make up the class are clear and concise - I was using my camera in manual mode in just a few hours!!

I was introduced to the world of blogging by Layla and Kevin, so I really can't say enough good things about them - they rock! 

If you're tired of using your camera in auto mode, take the 101 class, you won't regret it, click the banner above! 

I'm not a food blogger, and never will be .. but I just had to share one of my favorite recipes today! I love this because it's a quick and relatively healthy dessert or snack. David and I like to have dessert in the evening, but so many that you buy taste SO sugar heavy, this is great because you control the sweetness. 

I prefer not to measure, so these are just approximates.. taste as you go, when you make it once you'll know what works for you. 

Chocolate Pudding / Mousse Yogurt: ~1/2 to 1 cup plain non fat yogurt (greek makes it even more pudding like), 100% baking cocoa powder (I like special dark) to taste, you want the yogurt to be pretty dark, stevia to taste, whip cream to taste. Mix yogurt, cocoa, stevia till blended, then gently fold in whipped cream (you want it to be airy). 

Lemon Pudding / Mousse Yogurt: ~1/2 to 1 cup plain non fat yogurt (greek or regular), ~1-2 Tablespoons Lemon Curd (Trader Joes is so good!), whip cream to taste. Mix lemon curd and yogurt, then gently fold in whipped cream. 

I don't have a specific calorie count, but for about 3/4 cup, I'd guess it has under 100 calories. The great thing about this recipe is you can customize it to work with your diet and schedule. You can make it completely sugar or dairy free.. try almond or soy yogurt or making homemade lemon curd or whip cream if you have the time! 

My favorite is the chocolate, even with regular plain yogurt (vs. greek) it has the texture of pudding when mixed with the cocoa powder. You HAVE to try it, SO good! If you love pudding or mousse than you'll love this recipe! 

I've been thinking about our future kitchen reno recently. I don't think that we'll have room for a dedicated pantry, but if we can squeeze one in, I'd love something like this pantry from Oh Happy Day! Please pin from original source. Thanks!

via Oh Happy Day
The floor to ceiling white subway tile is dreamy and I love those thin shelf brackets - they look custom or vintage. 

Carlisle dining chair, set of two. Currently on sale for $79. Yes, only $79 for the pair! These would be great mixed with these mid century modern style shell chairs paired with West Elm's Parker Mid-Century Modern table 

Hope you all have a great weekend! We're hoping to have a slower weekend, enjoying some sun, relaxing and a few DIY projects mixed in! 


p.s. I've decided to truncate my posts the day after they've posted. If you're unfamiliar, truncated posts will have an image and intro text then a link >> CLICK TO READ THE REST OF THE POST to view the rest of the post. 

 I know that a lot of people strongly dislike truncated posts, hopefully truncating the day after posting will help with that. I've decided to truncate for two reasons: 1. Protect my content from site scrapers more info here 2. For a cleaner home page.

If you have an opinion, I'd love it hear it! 


  1. Same here, I love shoot-fly-shoot. I keep going back and picking up things that I missed the first time and that's one of the best features. It's not like at tenting a class and if you missed something you are out of luck.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes from Mississippi. Our home was spared this time, but a lot of folks were not so lucky in our State.

    When we had to do a remodel starting in February due to busted water pipes in the ceiling, I started looking a decorating blogs. Yours is one I found and have been looking at lately.

    Love your style, happy weekend,


  3. That is the best Target collection yet! Happy weekend!

  4. That is a very pretty pantry. I am excited to see what you do in your kitchen make-over.

  5. I love your picks every week!! Question - how do you truncate your posts the day after they go live? I like that idea! It's a good mix of keeping your content protected/home page clean/and pleasing those who don't like truncated posts :).

  6. Great round-up! I just ordered my first DSLR camera, so I'm going to look into that photography class I think!

  7. that pantry is dreamy! and i want some lemon pudding- YUM!!! happy weekend!!!

  8. That pantry is amazing! And so is the new line at Target!! I'm having trouble picking just one favorite thing I'd buy. Eeeeek!

  9. I'm so excited about that collection at Target, so many pretty things!

  10. Love the pantry too... if you really wanted to get those brackets, I'm pretty sure they are anthro's wishbone brackets, not custom or vintage so luckily we can all have em'!! ;)

  11. You must be reading my mind, I've been thinking of how to make my own lemon yogurt! Thanks for the tip!

  12. The desserts sound delish! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for sharing the dessert recipes. They sound delish!

  14. Site scrapers sound like bottom feeders. If you need to truncate; we'll survive. The recipes sound really good, thanks.

  15. I tried the chocolate dessert tonight and loved it!


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