Monday, April 14, 2014

Rattan Chair Makeover

Hi! I hope that you had a great weekend! It was hot here! We went almost directly from frigid winter in Ohio to unseasonably warm temps in Tennessee. But it was gorgeous, not complaining at all .. well maybe a little, I was attacked by several bees, so we'll have to figure that out .. as I was sanding and painting outside, I also had the fly swatter added to my tool arsenal!

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this rattan chair that I found on Friday! I love the shape, and the fact that it didn't need any major repairs / reconfiguring. Finding something that just needs a little sanding, painting, and simple upholstery is SO much easier than repairing and switching things around. Too often, I buy things that need a lot of work.

This was easily done in a day while we were working on other projects, so not bad at all!

I didn't prepare a full tutorial but here's a quick run down. 

1. Lightly sand chair with 120 sandpaper

2. Wipe off dust with microfiber cloth

3. Prime. My paint had primer built in, but I opted to add an additional coat for extra coverage and protection once dry. Apply in thin coats

4. Paint. Once the primer is dry, apply in thin coats letting it dry in between. I used 2 cans of spray paint. (Valspar - Mellow Spring)

5. Upholster the seat (here's a similar tutorial) Mine came with a piece of loose plywood, which made upholstering so easy!

BTW, did you know that it's the final week of Creating with the Stars!? Voting is open through Tuesday! Stop by and pick you favorite. I'll be there tomorrow, sharing our home decor project, make sure to stop by!


  1. it's so pretty! i love the soft color!
    when i paint in my driveway, bees are all over me! i haven't been stung yet but they hover in my face like they are tying to intimidate me... it's weird!

  2. so lovely! I really like the fabric choice too :) xo Kristin

  3. So I found 2 rattan chairs at the curb a couple years ago and because the seat cushions were loose with a welted & zippered removable cover, I've been a bit intimidated to recover. I finally got the nerve this past weekend to attempt but my sewing skills proved my hesitancy correct. It ended up looking like the shirt Denise made Theo on the Cosby show.... remember that? you may be too young! It was completely lopsided, too tight & too big.... a huge mess! So this post couldn't have come at a better time .... it didn't occur to me to just staple to the support board. I did it last night and wow it looks great. Thanks for the idea and making me feel less inept!

  4. cute redo! I have a rattan chair that's been sitting in my living room ready for a re-do...these pictures are just the inspiration i needed to finally make it happen! pretty!

  5. Recommendation for you specific to the bees - if they are carpenter bees (destructive little boogers), use a badminton racket! More surface area and firm instead of floppy.

    LOVE the chair! Too bad my husband hates all things wicker and rattan.

  6. So cute!! I have some major makeovers to do with rattan for our porch this year. I'm kind of dreading it!

  7. I love how pale it is, but still has a little something to it. So pretty!

  8. I love this! How you have time to do such amazing makeovers, I will never know! I can't wait to see more of what you do while in TN!!


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